February is over, so here’s our last list of lovely and talented cosplayers to show off for you! Please enjoy! Be sure to check out the tag #28daysofBlackCosplay started by Princess Mentality Cosplay on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Pixel Ghosts

Instagram: Pixelghosts

Who are they?

Princess/Paladin Allura from Voltron: Legendary Defender

I am a huge Voltron fan, so seeing this Allura being brought to life is so inspiring. I love Pixel Ghost’s cosplay of one the strongest princesses in the galaxy. She looks absolutely gorgeous! Her eye look alone makes me want to practice on my own makeup skills.

Melting Mirror Cosplay

Instagram: Meltingmirror_cosplay

Who are they?

Autumn Sawsbuck from Pokemon

Melting Mirror Cosplay is one of my FAVORITE cosplayers of all time. Her work is breathtaking and she is one of the most unique and colorful cosplayers I have ever seen. Seriously, please just take a look at her Instagram page. The settings for her photoshoots are beautiful and her cosplays just are so unbelievable. Her Sawsbuck cosplay here is just one of many that highlights her work as a costume maker, because it is so original and wonderfully done. I love the colors in this. This picture is frame worthy.

Lady Lo Cosplay/Sailor Melanin

Instagram: Lady Lo Cosplay

Who are they?

Sailor Melanin (Original Character)

A post shared by Sailor Melanin (@ladylocosplay) on

Original work is really inspiring, because you get to see a cosplayer’s own visions come to life. Lady Lo definitely does this here for her Sailor Melanin cosplay that represents her “Pride in Culture.” This looks is truly inspiring and I love how elegant she is here in this picture.

Otaku Skum Cosplay/Shell

Instagram: Otaku Skum Cosplay

Who are they?

Spider-Man/Spider-Woman from the Spider-Man series

Otaku Skum totally nails our favorite web-slinging hero in this cosplay. She looks so badass and so poised I can’t believe I haven’t heard of her sooner. Check out her work!


Instagram: Heliopixy

Who are they?

Connie Maheswaran from Steven Universe

A post shared by NB (@heliopixy) on

THIS PICTURE IS SO CUTE AHHHH. Heliopixy makes such a lovely Connie! I love how candid it looks with the beautiful beach background.

Looking for more Cosplay? There’s always some new pictures in our Cosplay Corner.

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