Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artist: David Marquez

Maaaaaan listen, Miles and Peter are tag-teaming on the track and you gonna love it. this issue is all about the great escape post Norman Osborn got the tendrils put on’em. It is cool having Peter to join Miles on the track but I already feel like he is a guest that over stayed his welcome. I’m over here looking at Peter like yea yea I know you the original and you invented this Spider-Man and Responsibility shit but…


For real man. The get away was cool but it pissed me off sooooooo much

What the fuck Pete?! Peter: Good Luck! OoooOoOoOOoh he got clipped in the thigh!!!!….. but that’s not my business. Talking bout “they’re my web shooters” sun, them shits were S.h.i.e.l.d. grade web shooters. Them shits were Miles shooters b and you trying to come back from the grave and reclaim shit? Oh heeeeeeeeeeelll no. ANYWAY, Norman escapes again and decides to go to J. Jonah Jameson the Slander Demi-Gawd (Ultimate Universe Joan Rivers still running with that title) for an inside the actor’s studio confession. The Spider-Duo that’s been robbing and running amok decide now is the perfect time to carry out a big theft while the authorities are distracted and Miles is forced to trust Maria Hill with all the info he’s got. Plus he’s got to stop by Mary Jane’s place cause he knows Peter Parker 2.0 is there and he wants his answers. NOW!

Bendis is fucking with my emooooooootiioooooooooooooooooooooooooooons on this one man. I love peter but him being back and doing all this shit which is the most, and just trying to take his web shooters, and evidently having been following Miles around for a bit has just been irking me man. I made my peace with Peter being gone. We grieved for the homie then we held Miles over pride rock lettin him now “Ayo, all that the light touches yours now sun” and you go and do this to us Bendis?!?! This?!?! You a mofo Brain. I see you.. Marquez art captured eeeeeeeeverything perfectly too. I didn’t feel like I was reading a comic so much as watching an action movie play out. This guy stays on point.

I’m in my glass case of emotion but I’m still coming back next month to see how it all turns out.


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  • Draper

    How about the fact that it looks like Mary Jane knew that Peter was alive before everyone and didn’t say shit!? With Norman questioning if he (and the Spider-Men) can die, I’m wondering if he and they have some type of healing factor, maybe? After all the shit that Peter went through, it makes sense that he’d want to lay low, especially when he saw that a new Spidey came on the scene (vacation time!). I could even see the Ultimates putting him up to it with Tony footing the bill and telling him to relax and Steve and Fury telling him to take the time off to recover and train. I mean, for a guy that’s supposed to have been dead for a year, Pete actually seems sharper as Spider-man than he was before.

    Groundless Speculation:
    I wonder if Miles taking a year off after his mom died, along with the “death” of Captain America is what prompted Pete to come back?

    With Thor in the negative zone with Galactus and there being no more Ultimates (I know there’s a book called the Ultimates, but those kids don’t have any stopping power), I wonder if Pete will give up the mantle of Spider-man and take up Cap’s shield. I mean, Spider-woman did just become Black Widow.

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