Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man #6 Review

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artist: David Marquez

Maaaaaaan listen, MILES MORALES IS FED UP! NYPD done took his moms (accidentally), His Dad is MIA upon discovering he is Spider-Man, Kate Bishop (the ultimate universe bae) ain’t answering his calls once he told her he Spider-Man too (and she snitched it to her sis, plus her family may be villains), Peter Parker back from the dead wanting his spot back like Jay Leno (thank you for that Joe Budden), Norman Osborn back like Jordan wearing the 45 (I see you too Jay-z), Miles been grazed by a bullet to the thigh, plus on top of all that its a fucking school night.

Miles Morales is done with the whole lot of this shit man.

So cut forward to Miles with detective Maria Hill at MJ’s place talking to Peter Parker (if that is your real name). Mary Jane is all “leave it alone Miles let it go” Miles lookin at her like

Bruh Come Back From The Dead & I'm The Asshole For   Wanting To Know The Car Facts About It?
Bruh Come Back From The Dead & I’m The Asshole For Wanting To Know The Car Facts About It?

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Parker goes into what he remembers from waking up, having all his memories (supporting the note a clone statement), why he wanted the web shooters back and then realizing how showing up was a mistake. Aunt May and Gwen show up just in time for the explanation as he finishes… but so does Norman Osborn. Miles tells Parker to protect fam he got this shit. Lemme tell yall something,

MILES MORALES IS NOT HERE FOR THE FUX BOY SHIT TODAY! My man heard Kamala Khan releasing tracks, got a shoe deal from Marvel, a Top 5 dead or alive XXL write up, and 5 mics in the source, so what he do? He went outside and smashed Parker’s arcade high-score for his previous boss battle with Norman aka Green Goblin aka G-Gobble Stones.


Mary Jane in the back telling Parker “Ya see? Ya see? I told you he nice. You gets Money fuxing with Miles Morales! You gets Money fucking with Miles, I promise”. Norman still got some shit in the bag for Miles tho, he talking that shit…that shit about his Dad that Miles is unaware of.

Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawd this shit gonna be goooooood


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