Mister Miracle #6 Review

Writer: Tom King / Artist: Mitch Gerads / DC Comics

“You know that we spray and dip / One-eight-seven, eighty-six”-Lil Wayne

Yo, I’m on peak reckless talk from here on out in this review. You’ve been warned. Leave now if you don’t wanna hear that real. There ain’t goin’ be shit professional in this review. Why? Because Tom King and Mitch Gerads must have been playing Double Dragon for SNES and said, “Fuck it. Issue 6 goin’ be a whole ass 90s beat’em up video game homage.” King and Gerads continue to showcase that they’re on some other shit when it comes to delivering a brilliant story for comics.

Alright, lemme get my bearings…. man, fuck my bearings. After Big Barda told Scott to get with the shits and stay in issue 5, we now see the couple going “Turtles In Time” on New Genesis. Scott Free and Big Barda are bringing the fight to New Genesis level by level and the most incredible thing about this? This is a regular Taco Tuesday for them. They’re not even bothered as the entire issue is about Barda wanting to redo the condo. You can’t help but believe King is king in the dialogue as he manipulates a mundane conversation about nothing into a conversation about everything. It’s a unique ability that feels like a staple of King’s writing especially in this series.

They even have a freaking water level in here man!

Barda and Scott are so battle-hardened that they can carry a conversation through on a life or death castle storm where they may lose their lives like nothing. This is what separates good writing from knowing the author is on some other shit. We could have gotten a dramatic dialogue but less proved to be even more especially for the payoff.

*Rolls up sleeves* You know I’m about to go in on Gerads for this art right. *Squats to get a better look at the artwork. Nods while biting fist* I love Gerads work because of the intricacies. He’s able to convey emotion with just a stare or rage across a character’s face. A reaction we can immediately understand as the reader. This issue we don’t get many close-ups of the characters. Scott and Barda appear similar to old-school sprites on 16 bits game consoles visually this issue. This can’t be by coincidence.

Gerads gives us classic 90’s beat’em up gaming designs for Scott and Barda. As the characters move through each obstacle, opponent, and boss battle, their movement is what visually displays their personality traits. Showing Scott’s Jeff Hardy-esque balance with Barda brolic strength moving through obstacles is genius. They way they cover one another and team together is just like in a beat’em up. So, it’s safe to say that Barda is the Mike Hagar to Scott Free’s Guy. I’m also dying at seeing Scott do the classic air Dragon Kick from every beat’em up.

New Genesis needs the Sloman’s Shield

The dialogue and action go hand in hand and I never get tired of seeing how Scott Free fights or uses his Aero-Discs on the offensive. I’ve never seen Mister Miracle be this physical in a series and I’m loving it. King and Gerads outdo themselves each issue. Barda and Mister Miracle are having a hell of a run and a hell of a year.

10 Hard ass hell water levels out of 10

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