Motor Crush #10 Review

When in doubt, Domino and this series just drive faster.

Writer: Brenden Fletcher, Babs Tarr, Cameron Stewart / Artist: Cameron Stewart, Babs Tarr, Heather Danforth / Image Comics

A slow start but fast finish for Motor Crush #10 as this series reminds us it’ll always continue to keep up the pace. We begin with Sully captured by the Producers who hate him, and who are ready to torture him for his daughter’s mistakes (see issue #9, where Domino steals a literal truckload of crush). Nova Honda is free of crush these days, but turns out that never slowed their actual production of the mechanical narcotic — the Producers simply use it as a lucrative export that keeps them filthy rich. Makes sense after all, as you have to imagine there’ll always be a global demand for a drug like crush, and it’s great to see the world of Motor Crush broaden slightly with its suggestion.

We also know who the Dark Rider is now (we always knew, but now it’s official), but that plot line is put on the shelf for now. The rest of the first quarter of this issue slumps into one of the old racing gangs who stole Calax’s half of the crush and are using it to cause mayhem. They are less interesting than everything else going on, but are important in the opportunity their recklessness gives to Domino.

With Sully captured and Dom out of options, she has no choice to do what she always does, which is dive straight into danger, be in over her head, and hope for a miracle. Several miracles appear of course, in the form of her friends Lola and Calax who both do their part to support Domino, though Lola comes with a cost. How much longer can Lola expose herself to the danger that follows Dom everywhere she goes? This is the point of the story where we’re to believe she’s at her wit’s end, yet again.

Overall, a word-dense issue starts off slow and covers its trademark beautiful art, but Motor Crush #10 continues to impress. You can’t help but love Domino and be bought into both the heroics and emotional foibles that affect the people around her. A dramatic ending will leave you in shambles again, but cheering all the while from the strong cast built around our main character. There’s a lot of love put into this comic, and that continues to be clear.

9 out of 10

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