Gasolina #6 Review

Writer:Sean Mackiewicz / Artist: Niko Walter / Image Comics

After what felt like an unclear end of an arc, Gasolina comes back with some new perspective. Gasolina #6 shifts the lens focuses on the cop Amalia and Randy consulted with back in issue #1.

Detective Arguello is on the case, doing his damnedest to figure out why the hell his town is so corrupt and doing what he can to stop it. We pick up with Arguello after the events of issue #2 which finds him working the angles to expose Los Queridos: by following the long trail of bodies. Women from the surrounding towns are vanishing without a trace and bodies are turning up in pieces. Gasolina #6 follows Detective Arguello through the underbelly of his town and into the dark places of his personal life.

There’s an attempt here by Mackiewicz to tie off the arc and bring the supernatural elements into the ‘real world’. By tying the events of the last five issues to Arguello’s investigation in the city the writer grounds the horror and heightens the cost of human life. The issue spends a lot of pages investing in Arguello’s relationship to his detective work. As a standalone issue, it does a good job of acting as a prologue to the next layer of this narrative. As an epilogue, it is unfulfilling.

Gasolina started off with a lot of promise and has all the ingredients of a dope book. Issue #6 returns to the original format, combining horror and crime-drama. The supernatural element falls away in this issue and without it, it falls flat as an end to an arc.

5 Severed Heads in a Bed out of 10

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