Alright, if you here about Dat Robot life, you already know Elliot Alderson is the coding hacker gawd. You also know he suffers from some extremely severe forms of depression, schizophrenia, and Lord knows what else. Rami Malek has officially strapped us into this Cyclone ride and refuses to let up on the throttle as we barrel down on the end of the season.

I am Mr. Robot:

Elliot has done a marvelous job of guiding us down this rabbit hole of lies, deception, and misunderstanding. Ever since day 1, we have been trying to wrap our heads around his world and his inability to operate and function in a city country of vanity and corruption. Little did we know, there was so much that Elliot couldn’t understand after doing his best at giving himself the amnesia treatment in order to cope with the pain from the loss of his father at the hands of Evil Corp.

Turns out, not only is Darlene Elliot’s sister, but Mr. Robot was his father and has been parading around as a figment of Elliot’s imagination illnesses. It isn’t until Mr. Robot leads Elliot upstate to their childhood home, out the same window Elliot was pushed out of as a kid and eventually to his father’s grave that he is able to see the truth of it all, with help from Angela and Darlene.

The Ultimate Ultimatum:

Speaking of Angela, she has been trying to find herself and self worth since dropping the Allsafe bomb and being blacklisted by all tech companies..and rightfully so. She strikes out in the law department and recieves an interesting visit from a certain disgraceful room sitting board member. Colby up in the crib breaking bread with pops like Brutus before the betrayal. He hits Angela with the ultimatum of a lifetime. Continue to live in your debt riddled fathers crib, without a shot at a real job, waiting years for that government check or come work for Evil Corp. Damn, that’s cold.

Queen Joanna:

Speaking of cold. I have to retract my statement from last week’s review about wanting a beautiful wife like Joanna. Yo. Yo. Yoooooo forget Trina, Joanna is the baddest chick doin’ it right now! How shorty voluntarily induce labor to save her mans from being questioned by 5-0? How shorty give birth like it wasn’t a damn thang and still look beautiful enough to be on the red carpet of the Emmys? How she hit Tyrell with that “Dont touch me” line then tells him he ain’t the man she wanna be married to and sends the loose cannon on his glum way to fix things if he wants to stay in this newly formed family??

The Wellick Will to Win:

Unfortunately for Tyrell, the news he receives upon entering his office is the antithesis of what he needed. The police have indicated that Wellick is a person of interest in the death of Joanna Knowles and Evil Corp can’t have any more bad PR so they let son go. Did he go quietly? Nope! Did he go somewhere? Yup! I don’t think anyone expected to see exactly where he goes though. He winds up on the doorstep of our antihero? Elliot and drops bombs on the homie. He reveals that he knows he’s been behind the Evil Corp hack and gets his patented rubber gloves on in case he needs to get his murk on. What does Elliot do? Invite him inside for tea? Pull a Tyrell, overreact and try to murder him? Na, he brings him to the arcade, finally comes to grips with he fact that he has been facilitating this revolution and it seems we have ourselves a new squad member!

Maaaaan, lemme tell you something. I love and hate it so much when a show is so good they can trick my allegedly college educated ass into believing everything that comes across the screen. This was the calculated formula used to craft this modern masterpiece called Mr. Robot. Now I gotta do myself the favor of going back and rewatching every episode, playing close attention to every single interaction between Elliot/Mr. Robot as well as the Elliot and Darlene scenes. When you think about it, all of the Darlene scenes are pretty straight forward because we know she is physically there. All you have to do is make notice of the ostrich sized eggshells she walks on when interacting with Elliot, to ensure she doesn’t set off any major issues on his road to rediscovery. Now, when it comes to deciphering scenes involving Christian Slater’s Mr. Robot, we are entering a whole nother level of 6th Sense inspired glorification. Gonna have to watch each character during every single scene where Elliot and Mr. Robot are together to see how each person reacts to them Elliot. Season finale coming up next week. If this season has been any indication of what it yet to come, this will be some mind blowing stuff coming to the silver screen.

Mr. Robot Reboot:

The Darlene and Angela relationship is evolving. It’s now clear that they’ve been friends for decades, it’s just crazy to switch gears so fast and see them as such good friends when we were led to believe they didn’t even know each other. Nod to the superb writing staff.

Flashback to the IBM age and you will find Mr. Robot instilling in his son, all the qualities of a tech sociopath. You can draw so many connections between that one stolen $20 situation and Mr. Alderson’s rationale for bypassing Elliott’s would be consequence. The boy has literally been told it is perfectly acceptable to take from and punish douchebags pricks as long as you equate your actions to necessary vigilante justice.

Revealing Mr. Robot as Elliot himself had people like..

Sam Esmail has crafted himself a carefully written, meticulous world of deceit, mental illness and technology that I can guarantee will go down as one of the most insightful tales of modern television.

Score: 10 out of 10

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