Ms Marvel #24 Review

Writer: G. Willow Wilson / Artists: Diego Olortegui, Ian Herring / Marvel Comics

So that speeding train, right? You remember, Ms. Marvel and the Red Dagger — wait, just say that outloud. Doesn’t it just sound right? — are on top of a vaguely speeding train, avoiding collisions and de-railings while trying to figure out how to actually solve the problem. Oh, but don’t doubt, Wilson keeps her usual wit throughout. There are plenty of comic book references in this one, along with one movie quote that will have you giggling.

Olortegui and Herring continue to do a fair job, including lots of wide open settings of the woods of New Jersey and Pennsylvania. They make it easy to follow Kamala’s musings on the beauty of the outdoors, the importance of getting away from the city now and then. They also keep the Red Dagger mysterious, which is about all he has to be at this point.

You can see, Red Dagger is smitten with Ms. Marvel and he fills a role of cheering for her that she’s been missing for some time. He gives her lots of unconditional support, and a helping hand in stopping the train, along with a few romantic sparks. All this emotional positivity should finally start to settle Kamala’s mood, but what it does instead is give Kamala the space to really look at herself.

Kamala is deep in her teenage angst in this issue, making for a downtempo tale over all. This is shaping up to be a slightly different kind of arc — the villain here isn’t an exterior enemy, it is Kamala’s own self-doubt. But really, isn’t finding her best self usually the fight that Kamala to win in order to be Ms. Marvel the superhero? Once she’s dug in on her interior issue, and bested her personal demon, the solution to the exterior issue always presents itself. Well this time around, what’s that solution? How does she defeat this demon?

7.5 Train Trips out of 10

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