Ms. Marvel #3 Review

Writer: G. Willow Wilson / Artists: Takeshi Miyazawa, Ian Herring / Marvel Comics

For All New, All Different Marvel, Wilson and squad not only restarted the numbering for Ms. Marvel with 1, they also opened the new series with a 3-issue arc, of which this issue is the last. While some may not appreciate these short arcs and the continual renumbering (will this comic ever get to issue #100?), it shows how this comic is dedicated to continually inviting new readers in. In three issues, the team has introduced Kamala’s style and spirit as well as her supporting cast — and it is that supporting cast who step to the fore in this issue.

You’ll recall that the Hope Yards Development and Relocation Association has been revealed to be none other than a HYDRA cover op, lead by Dr. Faustus (for our sakes, HYDRA is so egotistical that they always have to hide their own name in the names of their cover corporations. I wish all shell companies were so easy to find.) So now Ms. Marvel is fighting not only gentrification, but also HYDRA, two forces of evil that mesh well together.

Throughout the initial fight, Kamala maintains her fighting style and shows off some new moves learned from her Avengers training. Echoing the prophetic advice of her mother from the previous issue, Kamala also demonstrates that she does what heroes do, both by leaving Bruno behind so she can save Jersey City, and by swallowing her pride to ask Mike for help.


It is the first moment, while Mike doesn’t know it, that Kamala really realizes that Mike is a real person, and that Bruno has moved on. Even with that personal emotional dramaz, both Ms. Marvel and Mike keep their eyes on the goal:

3_time to science

With Mike’s help, Ms. Marvel settles the matter at hand but that doesn’t let her off the hook with her fans, who expected who knows what from their idealized Internet folk hero. So while this intro hook is wrapped up, the outlines and themes of this series are becoming clear: what does a hero owe to her fans? Her community? How does she maintain her balance between her public and private lives? What do you do with the new girlfriend of your old crush? What is kombucha anyway? Whatever the answers, Ms. Marvel and her friends (and Wilson and the art team) will keep bringing their best.

8 John Woo Doves out of 10
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