New Avengers #27 (TRO) Review

writer: Jonathan Hickman / artist: Szymon Kudranski

While we probably reached it a couple of weeks ago, it is officially impossible to read either Avengers or New Avengers independent of each other. That’s not a complaint, but just a statement that this story is so deeply woven from what Hickman has built through both of these books, that they have become harder to distinguish from each other. This issue focuses on two specific stories: the Multiversal Avengers trying to find the source of the Incursions and Doctor Doom trying to fix EVERYTHING. I wouldn’t bet against him either. His use of Molecule Man may yield yet another wrinkle to this this 17 tiered story. The main thrust of this story though revolves around the Multiversal Avengers and their confrontation with the Black Priests, the powerful beings that have the power to destroy a person with a single word. Ultimately we find out that 8 months later, the Black Priests are under new management and that they are not the actual big bads of the universe, a prophecy that Black Swan has been saying from the beginning.

This was a good issue, but definitely heavy on the table setting one with revelations a plenty but no repercussions as of yet. Kudranski has stepped in to pencil this one and there isn’t much drop off from Kev Walker’s work. All in all, this is a good, not great issue, but still an important one for the overall mythology of the “Time Runs Out” storyline.

Hickman doesn’t expand the world much this issue, but rather fills in the emptier parts with the revelation of the Black Priests and Doctor Doom making his move. Its an issue that sets things up rather than knocks them down, but still a good read nonetheless.


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