A First Look at ‘New World’: A Lesson in History, Mythology, and a Clash of Cultures

For as long as it’s existed, humanity has likely operated under the mentality of “us vs. them.” The moments of interaction between these two parties can go a variety of ways. On one end of the spectrum of social interaction, we have the respectful melding of minds and experiences. On the other, we have conflict.

New World, an original graphic novel created by David Jesus Vignolli, explores these moments of interaction as indigenous peoples come face-to-face with the same European explorers/conquerors who are looking to expand their reach into “undiscovered” lands.

“David Jesus Vignolli weaves a powerful tale of people coming together in the face of evil the way only someone with his unique perspective and boundless imagination could,” said Cameron Chittock, Editor, BOOM! Studios, which is releasing the title under its Archaia imprint this August. “The blend of history, fantasy, and undeniable heart in New World are further proof that Vignolli is a special voice in the comics medium.”

The first issue of New World tells two stories. One is the story of European sailors who spent more than two months at sea and are relieved to come across a beautiful, prosperous shore that looks like nothing they’d ever seen. The second focuses on Iracema, a native warrior of that same land whose life changes forever after her home is invaded.

New World will also feature similar stories from other parts of the world – one of which will follow an enslaved African musician fighting for freedom — that will offer more context into the impact conquering has on our world.

'New World'New World

'New World

The art of the story is perhaps the biggest draw behind the mythology-meets-history aspect of it. The setting allows for interesting stories to be told, but Vignolli’s choices of colors are intentional. The art is simple and digestible with just enough copy to keep the plot moving, but bright and vibrant enough to give you a reason to go back and experience it again.

'New World'New World

As a fan of mythology, history, and their relationship to each other, New World is definitely a title I’ll be taking a look at when it gets released. New World is scheduled to arrive in stores on August 21, 2019.

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