Nightwing #86 Review

Nightwing #86

Writer: tom Taylor / Artist: Robbi Rodriguez and Adraino Lucas / DC Comics

Nightwing’s time in Gotham and the Fear State story is over, but it honestly was a fun little break that ultimately built the anticipation for his return to Blüdhaven.

Nightwing #86 is the final issue of this tie-in, Nightwing, both Batgirls, Spoiler, and Robin go up against the all-seeing Seer for the final time in her floating villainous sky base. 

The goal was clear, but how were they gonna get up there without the Magistrate stopping them the second they stepped into the light? Well, they had to become the Magistrate. 

They kicked, punched, embarrassed, and scarred the Magistrate the only way sidekicks of Batman know how to do, and stole their uniforms so they could sneak onto the base. Robin has a funny line about how they basically had to become what the Magistrate thinks they are in order to save the day. Life is messed up like that sometimes. 

Nightwing #86

The action in Nightwing #86 was what really sold it for me. That and the very on-brand banter between the Batfam. Taylor really understands these characters and how they navigate as bitter yet loving siblings who are always poking fun at one another. It makes for a very fun and lighthearted read. 

And like I said, the action was great. Dropkicks and uppercuts galore fed my soul in these 25 pages. Thank you, Rodriguez. 

Ultimately, the events of this story are going to lead into the new Batgirls book coming out in a few months. Never has a tie-in been more effective in getting me interested in an upcoming book, but shoutout to everyone involved because they understood the assignment and they did their job.

As surprisingly entertaining as this tie-in was for me personally, I’m so excited to get back on track with the main Nightwing story next month. I need more Heartless now! And I need those wholesome moments that Taylor so effortlessly weaves into Nightwing and his surrounding cast. See y’all in Blüdhaven in about a month!

9 Floating Villain Hideouts out of 10

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