Nightwing #28 Review

Writer: Tim Seeley / Artist: Javier Fernandez / DC Comics

The Spyral storyline wraps up pretty quickly this week as Nightwing learns the truth (well, about 50% of it) about Agent 1’s behavior while Huntress has to deal with some loose ends and accounting for her sudden departure from Spyral. I wouldn’t normally say this, but this storyline could’ve used at least one more issue. Things happen pretty quickly and a lot of ground is covered. Fleshing out Huntress and Skullgirls would have had the most benefit as they are characters worthy of more exposition.

Their resolution is a short narrative to bridge large gaps and their ultimate contribution to helping Nightwing’s situation moves quick. Perhaps too quick. Same can be said for the villain reveal and their ultimate defeat. Not to mention that the inclusion of the Runaways and Shawn’s TV drama like scene as she decides what she wants to do about Grayson. All of these were interesting plot threads that could’ve benefited from a little more room to breathe.

As for the art, having both Fernandez and Mendonca didn’t hurt the issue or cause any consistency issues. Throughout the action and quick burst exposition looks good and serves the narrative well, I just wish they had the room to draw out some of these affecting moments. Instead they happen at a pretty break-neck pace.

Nightwing wraps up a storyline pretty quickly, but gives us breadcrumbs of some other, more personal conflicts to come. Fair or not, this storyline could’ve used a little more time and doesn’t quite hit the high notes of the previous arcs.

7.3 Mind-f&#s out of 10

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