No Gatekeeping Allowed: Protect Black Cosplayers

Your Fave Goin Be Black Today

It’s always a good day to be celebrating all things cosplay! This means, we ain’t tolerating any gatekeeping, body shaming, slut-shaming, or TELLING BLACK COSPLAYERS THAT THEY CAN’T COSPLAY A CHARACTER THAT ISN’T BLACK. Black cosplayers and women cosplayers face a lot of discrimination for just wanting to show their fave character love. Can Black Cosplayers live tho? Tiffie talks about issues facing cosplayers and Black cosplayers before then encouraging more folks to get into cosplay.

Your cosplay doesn’t have to be over the top. It can be casual, revealing, modest, or whatever works for you. That’s the beauty of cosplay. We’re all just here to pay homage to characters we enjoy. In order to be a good cosplayer, all you need to be is a fan and supportive of everyone else dressing up as their fave characters too.

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