Sam Alexander May Be First Team All Galaxy Draft Pick.

Sam completes his first big space adventure and its not all bad. This story felt like a side mission in a GTA series but it was still enjoyable. This is the first chapter closing in the building of the new Nova and I can dig it. Sam’s inexperience works well with Beta Ray Bill this issue. Duggan does a great job capturing all the face palm moments causes Bill who remains patient through out the arc.

We see Sam take down the villain and then learn how to deal with the aftermath. He learns how to think and clean up a messes he makes himself as well as the ones he is fixing for others. We see Sam come to negotiations hilariously with the bounty hunter from earlier issues as well as interacting with Cosmo & Jinn. These are two characters we will def see again.

the tribute to the fallen Nova along with Beta Ray Bill’s parting words were a good touch for the end of the issue. Duggan also captures the balance that Sam is going to have to keep with his life on earth with a simple depiction of an Eviction notice on the door. It will be interesting to see what Sam has missed this time while being off in space.


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