Oh, DCU, You Shouldn’t Have: Aquaman 2018

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Well, well, well…what do we have here? The DCU (DC Comics Universe), in their attempt to convince us all that they have a plan and allegedly a good one, released a full schedule of movies that are coming to theaters through 2020. The list is robust and new and…well, we’ll let you decide. Hang with us as we share our thoughts on the new info on coming attractions.

So off the top, let’s be honest about something, if Geoff Johns didn’t spend weeks at the Lazarus pit resurrecting Da Half Man Half Atlantean, All Gawd during the DC New 52, we probably aren’t having this conversation. But Johns made Aquaman relevant unfuckwitable again and we gotta fill out this Justice League roster some kind of way, so, here we are, taking in all the Ocean Air. Ye Olde Terra Firma the Trident Slanger gonna be hollerin’ at the rainbow fish and whatnot in 2018 and we already have our star: Jason Momoa.

Yes, THAT Khal Drogo. Yes, Mr “I got your golden crown right here” will be the King of the Seven Seas and there could certainly be worse choices. I imagine that Momoa, who is Hawaiian, looks comfortable in the water (albeit great shirtless and glistening in the Pacific, I mean, bruh, what are we REALLY talkin’ about here with these DC castings…), so I don’t think we’ll have any awkward “Kate Beckinsale made out of wood” action sequences. I mean, we THINK that Momoa is a pretty decent actor through association of being on Game of Thrones if nothing else. Though, its hard to judge a dude that isn’t speaking a langue you know for 87% of his dialogue and is tasked with looking menacing for most of it. And nobody really saw Conan to be able to downgrade him based upon it. …And, your boy doesn’t exactly look like an “Arthur.” But that’s actually a good thing as Aquaman is probably the dude that DC could’ve cast as a straight up white dude and NOBODY would’ve said boo on that shit.

I’d say that this leaves me cautiously optimistic about him in the portrayal but I gotta say, even as an Aquaman fan…This is weird, right? I assume that most of his Justice League scenes will be above sea level, but a standalone film has to deal with Atlantis in some aspect and there’s not exactly a lengthy list of great movies that take place mostly underwater. It’s not impossible by any means but still just an unusual way to go as opposed to say Martian Manhunter (though David S. Goyer’s comments probably reflect why Jonn wasn’t on this release list). Color me at least interested. This could be DC’s “Captain America First Avenger” or it could be Thor riding the subway in The Dark World. Four years from now, we’ll have our answer. But on to more important matters, lets discuss this Mera, thing…


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