Oh, DCU, You Shouldn’t Have: Flash 2018

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Well, well, well…what do we have here? The DCU (DC Comics Universe), in their attempt to convince us all that they have a plan and allegedly a good one, released a full schedule of movies that are coming to theaters through 2020. The list is robust and new and…well, we’ll let you decide. Hang with us as we share our thoughts on the new info on coming attractions.

Not saying that two episodes into CW’s Flash makes Grant Gustin top 5 dead or alive or anything but RIGHT NOW Grant Gustin is my Barry Allen. As I’ve exclaimed on numerous social media outlets, I have high hopes for CW’s Flash for not only this season but future seasons as well. One of my biggest heartbreaks of 2014 was Stephen Amell confirming that his version of Green Arrow will have no part in the DC Cinematic verse. Sadly I saw this Flash recasting coming from a mile away but hear me out. Having two different Flash’s in two separate universes means that the DC Cinematic-verse will ultimately be relaunching the entire Flash universe by retelling (most likely Barry Allen’s) origin over and retooling his alliances because lets face it: if Man of Steel is any indication of what this version of the DCU is going to look like things are only going to get darker and more lifeless.

In 2018, the CW’s Flash will be in it’s fourth season (yes I have this show getting four seasons and beyond). Let’s be frank here, the average viewer isn’t smart enough to distinguish that, “hey there are now two versions of the same character now.” They will question it, “Oh, why does this Flash actor look different than the one on TV”, “Oh, why is this and that different”, “Oh, the CW’s version got the character right” (that last one was kind of a long shot considering the CW’s standards but please bear with me). If Warner Brothers and DC commit Grant Gustin to a 2018 film, you basically would be cutting out the middleman. You want to know Flash’s origin? Go watch the series. Box-sets and merch will be flying off the shelf, and why? Because even though Man of Steel was a terrible film and Batfleck still aint sitting right with some folk. Watching DC play catch up with Marvel by getting their characters on the big screen is still very much a big deal.

Now let’s talk about this casting…


Relatively unknown actor, Ezra Miller has been cast as the lead in 2018’s The Flash film. Although I am not familiar with his work I am open to at least seeing what the kid is capable of. That being said look out for more news from not only myself but the rest of the BNP crew as more info is revealed.


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