Oh, DCU, You Shouldn’t Have: Suicide Squad 2016

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Well, well, well…what do we have here? The DCU (DC Comics Universe), in their attempt to convince us all that they have a plan and allegedly a good one, released a full schedule of movies that are coming to theaters through 2020. The list is robust and new and…well, we’ll let you decide. Hang with us as we share our thoughts on the new info on coming attractions.

“Seriously?” This was my first thought. When I saw this assignment come across my email, I thought it was a joke. No, I’m not kidding just so I have something cheeky to say in my introductory paragraph. I’d just written a blog article about Harley Quinn and I thought perhaps the BNP gang was just screwing with me. Alas, after some extensive research (by that, I mean checking Twitter), this is actually happening. As a part of Warner Bros. initiative to create their own cinematic universe for DC Comics, the Suicide Squad is getting their own movie in 2016.

On one hand, this could very well suck. After all, we’re talking about a movie based on a comic book that, despite having an apparently substantial fanbase, can’t find enough readers at any given time to fill a TGI Fridays to capacity. In fact, the only time I remember the Suicide Squad truly prospering outside of the comics is on Justice League Unlimited, under the supervision of the late Dwayne McDuffie. On the other hand, this has the potential to be awesome. I mean, let’s think about it. A bunch of supercriminals tasked by the government to either save the world or face the electric chair? It’s definitely an unexplored part of the superhero film genre. It’s certainly a premise Marvel hasn’t used for their movies just yet (though with the rumors that Captain America 3 is going to be Civil War, it could still happen) even with the resounding success they’ve gotten out of their own mascot villain, Loki in The Avengers and Thor.

And it’s a film that could be used to make all kinds of relevant statements about the government’s habit of trying to harness the most dangerous weapons humanly possible or how the most dangerous bad guys are usually the ones the Western world trains that way. But we’re talking about Hollywood here, so that might be aiming high for introducing a property that’s relatively unknown to the general public. Naturally, because DC just HAS to justify the New 52’s existence (outside of an excuse to pump out as much Batman material as humanly possible), the writers are likely going to favor the latest incarnation. That means Harley Quinn aka The New Deadpool will be propped up as the show-stealing squad member. By my estimate, that should work out well as long as they don’t do something DC-like such as get Megan Fox to play the clown princess of crime. But then again, this is DC we’re talking about. Any company capable of letting Smallville happen is completely unpredictable….because some publishers just want to watch the world burn.

So, let’s file Suicide Squad under “we’ll see.”


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