Old School Sunday ~ Spyro 2: Ripto’s Rage Review

***Every Sunday (or at least most Sundays), we’ll bring you “Old School Sunday.” Anissa will drop a review of a video game that’s not by any means new, but going back into “Old School Territory” of video games you may have played and loved. Perhaps even a video game you missed. Enjoy!***

System: Playstation / Release Date: November 2, 1999

OMG this game was a big part of why I chose to study game design and become a game designer. I loved this game…and all Spyro games. I would play it constantly. When I was younger, I wanted Spyro as a pet lol. I even considered changing my name to Spyro……but no one is going to call me that. This game had a pretty good storyline in my opinion. Spyro has some pretty cool abilities. Flying….fire breath…..running….shooting fire balls……skateboarding. Personally, I loved skateboarding the best. Every gamer should have played at least 2 Spyro games in their life. If you haven’t played this game, I’m sorry for your loss.


So after Spyro’s last, great adventure, Spyro and his little fairy friend Sparx decide to take a vacation to Dragon Shores. While, they are there, they are suddenly sucked in a vortex and are transported to a world called Avalar. There are 3 worlds in Avalar and they are in danger. They are under control by this short guy named Ripto. You could literally step on him, and that would be it. In order to save the world, you have to travel to all three worlds and collect orbs and talismans. To prevent Ripto from getting the orbs, a cheetah named Hunter and this faun named Elora tells these fairies to scatter them around the world leaving YOU to find them ALL! So I’m wondering, if you need to collect the orbs, why did they hide them all??? Then you have random moments when Hunter would say, “Have this orb Spyro, I found it in my flipper” or “Have this one as well, I found this in my other flipper too” -___- ….. You have many abilities such as, gliding, fire breathing, ice skating, head butts and more. You also have to pay gems to this guy called Moneybags in order to unlock certain portals for a ….eh-hem…. “reasonable” fee.

Graphically, this game is good for its time. The visuals are pretty good and cartoony which makes it visually appealing and fun. The voice-acting is excellent. Each voice matches perfectly with each character. I always enjoy a good soundtrack and this game definitely has one! You could definitely play this game for about a month and a half and you’ll be pretty entertained!!!

“This Dude Thinks Gems Just Grow Off Trees”


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