One of Our Favorite Games Returns as E3 Announces Life is Strange: Before the Storm

Life is Strange is back with another one! It’s hard to believe this masterpiece came out in 2015. It was very successful with its episodic gameplay and its narrative storytelling that caused players to make their own decision effecting what happened in the next episode. It focused on high school student, Max, who discovered she had the ability to rewind time.


E3 2017, has announced a lot of great gaming gems, but this is one of my favorites! They’ve announced a prequel to the game called Life is Strange: Before the Storm. Max and her rewind powers are gone. The spotlight is now on her best friend Chloe Price and her younger years prior. The gameplay is essentially the same. You play as Chloe and can interact with objects and people as usual. Previews of the game show Chloe, buying weed, and fighting. We also get to see how Chloe and Rachel Amber’s, Chloe’s friend from Life is Strange, friendship develops. While Max took pictures of certain encounters, Chloe will spray graffiti. We will even get to revisit in depth the death of her dad.

Since Max’s power will not be featured in this game, it will heavily depend on the story itself. This game will definitely have to deliver or the game will flop. If you were a fan of the first game, I know you’ll look forward to Before the Storm. The first of three episodes are released on August 31st and I’m excited to see how the game develops. I’m ready to be a badass with Chloe!


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