Onepunch-Man Episode 1 Review (Sort Of)

So as the title says this is a review but not really. If you haven’t heard, Onepunch-Man has an anime that started on October 4th and it was amazing to say the least. You can watch it on Hulu and on a few other sites to get your Onepunch fix. Since we’ve already done an article on it this one will be short and sweet.

The reason why this is a review – but not really – is because there’s nothing new to review. It was the exact same feeling that the manga had when I first read it and this first episode was no different. The opening combined with Saitama walking through the tunnel gave me shivers. The good shivers, not like the shivers I get when people reference the Green Lantern movie.

The fact that this show went from a webcomic to a manga to an anime should make you happy. Knowing that this show was someones little webcomic baby and it grew up into this puts a smile on even the most sad faces. Oh yeah I forgot this was supposed to be a review. Well it was super good, like really, really good. So good it’ll make you wanna slap yo mama. (Note from the editor: Blacknerdproblems doesn’t condone or support mama slappin).

The animation was beautiful and the voices really brought out the characters and their personalities. From the main character to all the monsters, each one had a great voice to go with them. This show is scheduled for 12 episodes and by the end of it we’ll be begging for one more episode. Get it? – cause it’s Onepunch-Man so one more episode – yeah you get it. This show is gearing up to be one, if not the best show this season and the reviews have been stellar already after just one episode. So if you haven’t hopped on the Onepunch-Man hype train it’s not too late. All aboard y’all, all aboard.

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