Onepunch-Man: Just One Punch is Worth a Thousand Words

Ahem excuse me while I clear my throat to properly portray my enthusiasm for a manga called “Onepunch-Man.” Onepunch-Man can be described with the following phrases: THE HYPEST SHIT, I SAID GODDAMN, and of course PRAISE SHENRON. Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way I’ll try my best to explain Onepunch-Man to an average reader looking for a new manga to add to the list.

Onepunch-Man is a manga that was first serialized as a webcomic way back in 2009 but got remade into a manga in 2012 and is hitting the scene hard as ever now with an anime recently announced for it on the way. The story of Onepunch-Man revolves around an average nonthreatening looking guy named Saitama who trained so hard that he lost all of his hair and defeats every villain and planetary threat in one punch, hence the name “Onepunch-Man.”

If you couldn’t tell by the image above this is a comedy and action manga. There is blood but nothing extreme for the most part and his punches do really pack a wallop so viewer discretion is still advised. Now you know me, I like to recommend things with the least amount of spoilers possible so you can enjoy tasting it for the first time like the first bite of a Red Lobster biscuit unless you don’t like those then just ignore that last statement. Saitama has become so strong that he’s lost his excitement and emotion from fighting and treats every big baddy as a trivial manner, even a sale at a local supermarket is more important that a villain hellbent on taking over the world to him now.

The comedy is on point and the main character has a unique look and personality that’ll have you loving him the instant his bald head shimmers on the page. This manga can be too over the top for some so if you can’t handle a bald guy fighting a lion and man hybrid monster or a mosquito queen who uses mosquitos to drain blood and make herself stronger then this manga might not be for you. However, I urge you to give it a try as there’s something in Onepunch-Man for everyone and as Goku as my witness you won’t be disappointed.

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  • William Young

    Staff Writer

    Lover of Hamtaro and an eater of Oreos. Careful with what you say about me because I might throw it "Right Back Atcha." That's just a Kirby joke. I speak in references and I'm the awkward guy in the corner at a party. Hit me up if you wanna talk about magical girls in a totally appropriate way.

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  • Matt

    Brilliant. I’ve been reading One Punch-Man as it’s serialized in Shonen Jump, and it really is just as fun as you’ve portrayed it. I think it has excellent crossover value for readers of American superhero comics who’d like to try out Manga, as well.

    • William Young

      Ayyyy another Onepunch-Man reader and yeah I’ve told a few friends who don’t read manga or comics to try it out and they ended up loving it too so maybe Onepunch-Man will explode in America one day

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