An Open Letter to Netflix Original, “Troy: Fall of a City”: We Feel Some Kinda Way

Can we please talk about this show?
Troy: Fall of a City

I don’t know about you, but we watched Troy: Fall of a City, the Netflix/BBC original series, and feel some kinda way about it. Nobody plans to binge watch a period piece about the Greeks and the tragedy of Troy in a few hours, but now here we are and we gonna talk about it. There is so much to love about this show. Don’t trip, Renee and Ja-Quan got you with dem spoilers ahead.

*Sets timer*



The costuming yoooo

Troy: Fall of a City

 We are truly blessed with the detailed costuming that this Netflix original holds. Vibrant colors, intricate metalwork and earthy materials are all over this piece. The goddess certainly smiled down on us when she outfitted long-legged Trojan soldiers like Aeneas in t-shirt dresses with metal vests and knee high boots, though, too. Did all Myrmidons back in the day have thicc thighs? All I gotta say is thank you Aphrodite, for the eye candy. We’ll send over a sacrifice in the form of Paris’ boring-ass frock post haste. Let’s not forget the simple but beautiful outfits worn by the ladies of Troy. Helen stay lookin’ like a snack in her seashell accented headpieces.

Boss-ass gods

Yaaaaassssss Melanin heroes! My African queen and king! Let me just bask in the glory that is a black Zeus calling the shots all over this show. Show ‘em who’s boss, brother, we are not worthy. Also, I cannot get over the badass goddess of war, Athena. Girl, your lipstick is on point and also that killer cat eye is a vibe, let me tell you. No one has to tell me that shit does not smudge in battle, I already be knowin’.

The Amazonians, hallelujer!

Troy: Fall of a City

These ladies K-I-L-L I-T. I wasn’t expecting a tall, blonde, gay murderess Queen and her band of merry badasses to steal my heart but alas, here we are. Netflix, who do I have to offer up to the goddess to get an Amazon-only spin-off? Oh wait, I heard Queen Ava answerin’ my prayers already…Praise Wakanda!


Setting the stageTroy: Fall of a City

The scenery is amazing, fam. Cape Town, South Africa did wonders to lend it’s beauty to this production. Paris’ trip to Sparta gave us our first look at the gorgeous, sprawling landscape that we were in for. The seas were vibrant and crisp as a summer day on the Amalfi Coast. The land is vast and endearing. The beaches? Inviting, yet terrifying. From the tent of the famed demigod warrior, to the farming hills of Paris’ upbringing, they made sure to utilize every bit of this location and the results are a stunning.

Preach, Troy!

Troy: Fall of a City

Telling this story from the Trojan perspective was one of the smartest decisions that was made. Sure, we all know that Troy goes from this formidable little empire to a tainted ruin of bad decisions, but it was fantastic to see the creators of this Netflix sleeper go behind the infamous walls and give us some context as to the why. What was the thought process behind the city’s decision to endure the siege, Hector’s chaining day, Paris’ takeover of the military and the failure of their contingency plans? We take a look at this love story from the star-crossed lovers’ eyes, as opposed to the oft-selected Greek viewpoint. Loved the influence of the gods on decision-making as well. If only Aphrodite woulda kept it movin’.

Truly blessed by this dark chocolate demigod

Troy: Fall of a City

Maaaaannnnn can I talk my shit again?! Can I flex on this dark chocolate-ass casting? Can I can I offer up milk duds, Brown M&Ms, tootsie rolls, and every candy bar in Wakanda to the inclusion Gods?! We are in a tantalizing time where Hollywood and large production companies have finally come to terms with historically accurate casting. They big mad, but cant do shit about it. Give us white Egyptians and thou shalt not receive thine hard earned stacks! Give us inaccurate heroes from childhood legends and folktales and we shall mobilize these shade-filled articles and shit all over the wack-ass “liberties” that were taken with that interpretation. I dare you to whitewash stories that are based on historically-proven colored individuals! Black Twitter will be coming for that ass with the full force of a pot of pig’s feet on Thanksgiving! These social media fingers will move at the speed of 14-year-old Usain Bolt being called home by his mother to bust down a plate of curry goat, peas and cabbage. They bestowed a black Achilles on us, as he should be, and the world is a better place for it.

That sceneTroy: Fall of a City


First of all, how very dare Netflix spring this beautiful poly-love scene on me without any notice? Writing a polyamorous relationship can’t be easy, AND YET the Troy writers succeeded in making the inevitable sex scene seem natural, equal and not overdone. Love is love, guys. Secondly, more bi-representation got me like whoa. Achilles is bi? This is canon, y’all. More bi role models 2k18! Third, none of the dudebros from Greece had a problem with Achilles and Patroclus being in a relationship and can we get more nice things like this on television, please and thank you??


I was low key blown away these producers, directors and writers had the audacity to hit us with this magnificent showcase of unquestionable love and lust! Scour the internet for love scenes between 2 black men in hit movies or TV shows and you’ll quickly notice ain’t shit available for a young impressionable boy or girl looking for answers. Why do you think La La Land lost at the Oscars? Because we need more stories about real-ass scenarios that real-ass gay black men go through. Then you work a beautiful white woman in the mix and you got yourself a modern day Othello meets Moonlight. Troy: Fall of a City was a bold venture for BBC and Netflix, and now we have one of the most truly daring scenes to ever grace a production of this magnitude.


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