writer: Jason Aaron; art: Mike Deodato

Got a joke for you: like eight superheroes walk into a seemingly abandoned satellite and one of them is carrying a severed head in one hand a huge eyeball in the other…What, that didn’t hook you enough to hear the end of the joke? That’s just about where I’m at with Original Sin. Yes, I get it, it’s a comic book, taking ridiculous and absurd leaps are all par for the course. But when you have a crossover event that brings together so many interesting and conflicting personalities, then the silliness and hammy interactions between them feels like a missed opportunity.

It doesn’t mean that this book is a failure as it does succeed in finding a somewhat interesting way of bringing together all the small teams for cool mash-ups and the conversation between Castle and Rocket is exactly as I would expect it to be. But the reality is the dialogue at times feels like it was tossed into the Tarantino 9000 generator and the revelation at the end almost certainly brings us back to square one.

Knowing there are four more issues in this event, it would be optimistic to think it’s about to turn the corner since there’s been somewhat of a reset, but that wouldn’t be obvious from what we’ve seen so far.


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