writer: Jonathan Hickman; art: Leinil Francis Yu

Avengers has taken a weird, yet cool turn in the last few issues. Yes, it is the trope of traveling into the future and finding that everything is fucked. And yes, the machines take over all sentient life a thousand or so years in the future. Somehow, Hickman makes some familiar beats fresh in the way he positions the characters and their individual personalities. In typical fashion, Hickman will ask a lot more questions before supplying answers in this story arc, but it is still fun watching the Avengers barrel helplessly through the future with no control over it being, while being expected at every jump.

The strongest part of this issue for me was the conversations between the Thors (ha, shoutout to She-Hulk for that term just a week earlier) and the foreshadowing that the older Thor gives. It may or may not have been the attempt to give a nod to the ongoing God of Thunder series, but it was pretty damn cool regardless.

This issue wasn’t perfect and left some to be desired as far as giving some direction to the current story arc, but it is still an enjoyable and unpredictable predicament for the Avengers, as more surprises present themselves.

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