Did ‘The Predator’ Trailer Get You Excited for the Hunt or Nah

The intergalactic hunters roll up on Earth again

I’m personally more of an Alien fan myself, but that old-school Arnold movie was stupid fun so I could hop on The Predator bandwagon for a bit. The newest trailer for the 2018 addition the space hunter series features these galaxy conquerors as an evolved species that are brought back to Earth by a young kid accidentally triggering a mechanism/alarm/Google alert of some kind.

We’re seeing Sterling K. Brown, a man in “acquisitions” who has prior knowledge about the Predator species and is cautiously curious about the crashed spaceship and what new horrors these enemies pose. Along with Olivia Munn, Keegan-Michael Key, and Boyd Holbrook, we have both the might of science and the military to fight the threat. The trailer is chock-full of action; eardrum piercing bullets ricocheting over every damn place, lots of sharp weapons slicing through puny humans, and a shit-ton of fire and explosives. And the star-traveling baddies look pretty gross and terrifying. Those roars do their job in intimidating others.

The Predator

While The Predator movies seem just downright silly, because of Brown’s performance in this trailer, I think they might be moving towards something a bit serious (like the 2010 Predators film) with a dash of humor. I’m not overwhelmingly enthusiastic about this film just yet, (mostly because who asked for another Predator film?) but it’s doesn’t look God-awful. We’ll have to wait until September to find out, but keep this new flick in mind when the summer heat fizzles out.

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The Predator


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