Rain Like Hammers #3 Review

Creator: Brandon Graham / Image

I’m still not entirely sure what happened with Eugene, our protagonist way back in Rain Like Hammers #1, but at the same time following the exploits of a super criminal who has body-swapped into a waiter to infiltrate the inner workings of a high-society… society is still very, very entertaining.

At the midpoint of the five- issue series, we continue following Brik Blok as he deals with being in a new body and navigating his new environment. Brandon Graham does incredible sight gags, and the unique atmosphere and environment of the world bursts off the page. The super-aristocrats are colorful and ornately detailed with completely superfluous features, where as Brik Blok has simple features and a black butler suit.

There is something wonderful about the scale of the story and of the set pieces. It feels like the world of Rain Like Hammers occupies so much more space, and we are just getting a small glimpse into the section that Graham wants us to see; it’s pretty great all around. Especially considering that we get to spend more time with El, the third main character in this narrative who Brik Blok is ostensibly trying to locate and rescue? The details are still a little fuzzy at times, but the experience is unforgettable.

It is this weird, experimental story that bends and blends genre. You have espionage, you have drama, you have thriller, and you have a metric $#!%-ton of incredibly sci-fi aesthetics that completely sells itself. The beautiful two-page spreads are nothing short of breathtaking and in moments like before, perfectly encapsulate all of the wonderful chaos and life that abounds in Rain Like Hammers.

Rain Like Hammers is quirky visually and narratively, and ultimately that’s why I’m constantly drawn to it. Graham has a lot of tricks with page layouts and layered dialog that keep the eye glued to the page, and I enjoy every single detail that he has managed to fit in. I continue to be hyped to see the trajectory of the story and find out more about the mysteries surrounding the world, and I hope you’ll join in with me in the discovery.

9.3 “Side-Effects” out of 10

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