Saga #25 Review

Brain K. Vaughan ~writer/Fiona Staples~Artist/Image Comics

If you bought the physical copy of the comic, you’re end of a treat because….

[dropcap1]S[/dropcap1]AGA BACK!!! Lord, Jesus keep me near the cross…or near The Will’s lance which Gwendolyn has in her possession. This issue was well worth the wait, and I DID WAIT. Issue number twenty-five was a brilliant reminder of how just how similar our world is to the ones within the universe of this beloved comic.  How war deeply affects the people involved–both sides, how it creates discord generation after generation and how it spills out into other territories also affecting other people, bringing more and more persons into the fray. Conflict begat conflict. Deaths serve as fuel more death and the cycle continues.

In the continuing chapter of we have our three teams: Team Sweet Boy/Lying Cat with Gwendolyn, Sophie and The Brand, with the coolest dog and cat in their section of the universe on a girl’s outing/ quest to find what can cure The Will. Team Baby Toddler Hazel with serial kidnapper Dengo, Klara, Alana, Izzie (during p.m. hours only)  and of course Hazel and the baby robot price. Lastly, there’s Team Angry Dads Who Like to Indulge In Pissing Contests which consists of everyone’s favorite seal in overalls Ghus, I-sold-out-your-family-to-save-my-own-bark Yuma and Marko and Prince Robot IV who are at the greatest odds with each other with their shaky temporarily” alliance”. Marko and the Prince go at it once again and they search for their families and the tension is so thick it’s making me wonder how long they can keep this act together because Hazel narrating the beginning tell us that she doesn’t see her father for several yeaaarssssssssss.


saga 2
Boys, BOYS…please don’t fight in front of Ghus. Show some respect.


Team Sweet/Lying Cat is having better luck with the help of The Brand who is the sister of  comatose ruffian that we know as The Will who is still currently wasting away in a hospital bed probably dreaming of a life where The Stalk (please tell me that you remember her!?). The more the merrier, right? They come across exactly what they need in order to get The Will right as rain but come to a gross misunderstanding and find them selves in BIG trouble. Like Mother of Dragons and my babies loose wrecking havoc all around the country side trouble.

And back to Team Toddler Hazel? Klara the original triple O.G. is ready to take matters into her own hands when Alana is hesitant thinking of Hazel who is with him. (Let Marko NEVER forget the fury that belongs to his mother. I hope he never loses his ever loving mind and disrespects her because I’d be waiting for her  to remind him that she is his mother and she brought him into this world and she can take him out…) Also, does anybody else think Alana isn’t just going through withdrawals from that recreational drug but could possibly be pregnant? No? Okay, pretend you just didn’t see that then. Dengo has a master plan and a list of demands written on the back of his hand and no one, I mean, no one can figure him out. It’s been months– a few months to be exact and Klara and Alana are no closer to figuring  out what Dengo wants. The last pages give us yet another cliff hanger and a slew of more WTF?! for everyone’s brains to process.

saga 1
Best one liner this season. Thank you folks and goodnight.


 Another strong issue here but it was missing one thing.

I was disappointed.

Let down.


You know why?


ghus meme


ghus meme 2



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