Writer: Brian K. Vaughan / Artist: Fiona Staples / Image Comics

“Upsher and Doff are back on the case” is the issues’s caption/synopsis. OR as I like to use as an alternative caption/synopsis: Alana and Marko go undercover as hipsters. Don’t judge them, they’ve lost their kid (and mom/mom in law, ghosty teen baby sitter, etc).

Hipster Marko + Hipster Alana!


Last issue we learned of the fate of our, yes, our, precious Hazel. She’s alive and well. Also? She’s thriving in an academic setting. (So proud of her!) But the bad news is that she’s being detained in some kind of prisoner of war/detainee center. The good news? Her parents are doing everything in their power to find her. If y’all remember—the last time we saw those two…it was a hot mess. But Hazel’s abduction has brought the two back together and it’s not something you should miss. Alana and Marko are a tag team that barely get by but also happen to entertain us. I’ve missed them.

The hijinks that they get into this issue remind me of why I’m fallen in love with them several issues ago. I was reminded of why they remain one of my OTP’s. They are just hilarious tragic and dedicated and both fully fleshed out characters that are flawed that I love.

sa 2

As their quest continues they learn that they do need some help. Help from a certain someone that may or may not be happy to see them coming. LORDT. We are treated to some brief updates from other minor (?) characters (GHUS IS NOT A MINOR CHARACTER, I WILL FIGHT YOU) and one drops some truth about our fave couple who have always been on the run it seems.

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-399 Friendship points, Prince.

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This is such a fun issue that reminds me of the heart of Saga (other than Hazel) of the two folks that created her and the passion that they have about her and life itself. Saga brought the feels this issue as always but for this special issue that dropped the week of Christmas, it also brought much-needed updates on other characters central to the plot. What are we also left with are the threads to link back to Hazel and company: her parents now have a big clue to where she may be, the problems is getting the help from a person who wants nothing to do with them. Hazel’s presence is briefly felt in this issue in the way of short narration as she adds more context to the wonderful and strange people her parents are and I look forward to seeing her soon.

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