Samurai Pizza Kitten Cosplay, the Versatile and Stellar Cosplayer

Representation is extremely important. As a South Asian woman of color, I love when I am able to see other POCs being seen kicking ass and inspiring others. I had the amazing opportunity to interview the fabulous Samurai Pizza Kitten Cosplay, who shares similar views. Please do enjoy this interview!

Age: I just turned 24~!

Career(s)/Job(s): Retail hell for now, possibly gonna go back to school.

BNP: How important do you believe representation is to society?

Samurai Pizza Kitten Cosplay:  This is something I try to reiterate to as many people as I can: Representation is EXTREMELY important. People want to see themselves in the media they consume, it makes for a heightened experience. When you can relate to a character you feel a connection to them and want to continue watching, reading, listening, playing, etc. When a little Muslim girl who is nerdy and dreams of  super heroines, how do you think she feels when she reads the new Ms. Marvel? When young queer teenagers or people of color read young avengers and see a team of super heroes who come from all different backgrounds uniting for a good cause to fight crime? I know as a kid I was starved for that kind of representation and to see so much of it now makes my heart swell.

BNP: How would you define the cosplay community?

 SPKC: This is an interesting question, the cosplay community is a large, multifaceted community that can be petty sometimes, but extremely accepting during others. It’s home though. I’ve met most of the friends I have now through it.

BNP: What is your dream cosplay? Also, do you make your own cosplays? What one is your favorite?

SPKC: That’s a difficult question. Honestly, I am not sure! Yep! All made by me. My favorites are Korra from the Avatar series Legend of Korra, and both my Senshi cosplays , Mars and Pluto.

BNP: Lastly, What are you goals for the future?

SPKC: To continue to grow as a cosplayer and make great memories.

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Photo Credits:

Sang Le Cosplay Photography

Cinnamon Photography

Sang Le Cosplay Photography

Ian Pham

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