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Writer: Mike Costa
Artist: Paco Diaz

We are in the back in the sideline mission of the clones attacking… other clones. Kaine, Ultimate Jessica and Ben Reily are trying to move into phase two of their plan. Well there plan has really fallen to shit when clone Johnny Storm throws a wrench into things then gets an invisible punch to the face for all his troubles. This is a rather big mission as this cloning facility plays a huge part in how the inheritors keep coming back to haunt the spiders-men/women across dimensions. Reading it however that feel doesn’t get across that much. It is only the second issue but I’m already ready for things to be resolved. The best part of this book is Costa’s interpretation of Ben Reily’s humor.

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That. Shit. Is. Hilarious. There is a lot of focus on Kaine this issue tho, he stumbles upon the clones that were considered failures. Kaine being the original failure of the clones has a moment looking at all this before he starts wylin out. Where as we have seen the best versions of Peter Parker in other dimensions this comes as a cruel twist where in Kaine is seeing himself in this dimensions as a failure and runt of the litter through multiple clone attempts.

Diaz’s art is pretty good and Costa is doing what he can with this story. It is hard to do a cross over event side story that keeps people invested, I mean that is a given. This mission is basically the Spider-Man Seal Team 6 trying to infiltrate behind enemy lines. It’s cool but not stealing the show from the main story over in Amazing Spider-Man. The big bad boss has finally come into play so it will be interesting to see this team work together with their vastly different fighting styles & strategies.

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