Silent Hill – PT Review: Where is My Crucifix?

Silent Hill. I’m a big lover of scary movies and scary games….even though sometimes I’m too afraid to play a game and will not play it for weeks….But they’re fun to watch. I enjoyed the Silent Hill movies but have never played the games……Until now. It took me 3 days to actually play it and about a week to complete it. Why? I was scared as sh*t!!! You play through, what seems like, a never ending loop where different things happen. There are certain parts of this demo that stood out the most to me.

1) The Baby….Fetus…..Thing!


When I went into the bathroom, there was this thing that I assumed was a baby. It looked like a baby Jakovasaurs (look it up) but with its skin and lips ripped off. It was just disgusting. It would randomly start wailing in the sink or start laughing. Looking at it made me sick!


2) That Creepy Ass Bathroom!


When you first start playing the game, the bathroom door is locked and you must go through a series of things until it opens. When you try to leave a loop, the exit slams shut and you notice that you’re trapped. Suddenly, the bathroom door creaks open behind you. I was way too scared to go towards it but I had no choice. Roaches started coming out of the bathroom and you can hear a baby crying. When you try and open the door fully, it is suddenly closed shut by this creepy looking girl. Needless to say, I quit the game and didn’t come back to it for a while.


3) My New Best Friend


I didn’t think this game could get any scarier but I was wrong. I went through endless loops, a bunch of baby cries, and still the horror wasn’t finished. While walking towards the foyer, a ghost (Lisa) stood in the middle just staring at me. My heart sank, I froze for a while and she ran towards me. I screamed, quit the game, and said a prayer.


4) All Up In My FACE!!!!!


This did it for me. I was making it through another loop and the radio was playing. The guy was saying “turn around…….TURN AROUND” and I was like “OH HELL NO!!!” But I did……..and nothing happened. I felt great and relaxed. Suddenly I turned around again, and Lisa fills my screen with her ugly, menacing face. I couldn’t breathe after that. That was by far the scariest thing ever!!!


Overall, I liked the game teaser….I know, it doesn’t seem that way. It was scary, weird, random, and different and I love that. I’m really looking forward to when it finally comes out, and I can beat in 20 years!

Pearly Whites! 😉


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