Banshee Recap: The Fire Trials

Season: 3 / Episode: 1

Banshee is back and it’s all good with Lucas Hood! Yes, we’ve entered season 3 of the series which follows the ex-con whose assumed the identity of Sheriff Lucas Hood. We don’t even know “Hood’s” real name still, but its safe to say that it probably ain’t as dope as the one he usurped. Hood was trying to find his former partner Anastasia who has a whole new life and identity now. “One Hood’s” presence was a jeopardy to her with the threat of having the boss they stole from (Rabbit) find her… that boss also happens to be her father.

After 2 seasons we come back on the scene, post Rabbit’s death. We open up with the Hood’s police team taking vengeance on a nazi that killed their partner in the prior season. We’ve been seeing Hood bend the rules and wing the law (basically not giving a fuck) this is the second time we’ve seen his officers follow his lead and stray so far from the law.

Proctor (the outcasted amish turned kingpin) is still running thangs with the death of Alex Longshadow last season. Hood is trying to put a damper on that. We’ll be seeing Proctor is a serious main villain but he doesn’t give the title to himself. With the death of Alex Longshadow leaving a hole in the leadership of the Kinaho Tribe (Native Americans that ran shit rivaling Proctor) we see the return of Chayton Littlestone.

Littlestone ain’t here for any manifest destiny fux boy shit either. He tells his squad they can’t win back the whole country from The Man (you know who) but they can take something. He plans on starting with the town of Banshee. My man straight up went Hawkeye on the military to steal their weapons. At one point I’m like, “Well if you that nice with the bow and arrow do you even need the machine guns?”. This is what leads to Hood having to investigate the Military base on police business but once he saw they had a WHOLE LOTTA CASH he started casing the place for a hit. Hood also realized something about these marines. He however doesn’t know that Anastasia is boo’d up with the man in charge (see previous drama .gif). Her past coming back to haunt her has cost her her kids admiration, her new life and her marriage. Anastasia is still thieving since she is working as a waitress now. We see it starting to get to her so you know she going to get back into the fold with the crew sooner or later.

Speaking of getting the crew back together, Lucas places a call in to Job. He is going to need someone that can hack into military defense. Job has long since gotten the fuck outta Banshee. He gets Lucas’ call as he is going through his own shit. Which is watching a dude sit on a grenade next to the money he was trying to steal.

I like the good guys and the villains in this show because its hard to tell who is who at times, but Job gotta be the best thing on this show man. Job is hilarious, smart, deadly, and representing his set on Banshee. Job’s reaction to Hood telling him that the military base they are going to knock off is being run by dudes that are actually mercenaries? Yeah, he already know how the fucked up level of difficulty this season bout to be.

Welcome back gang.


  • Omar Holmon is a content editor that is here to make .gifs, obscure references, and find the correlation between everything Black and Nerdy.

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