Sinestro #10 Review

writer: Cullen Bunn / artist: Brad Walker / DC Comics

Sinestro hasn’t been the most consistent book since its launch, but this was a pretty solid entry that had plenty of intrigue. Sinestro’s imminent capture from the previous issue is played out in the opening pages of this issue as Mongul and the Apex League finally wear him (and his ring) down. Even though this issue is mostly devoid of action, it is perhaps the best version of “Sinestro talking” that we’ve seen so far. He’s as overly verbose as usual and speaks more about how things were going to play out, as opposed to “Everyone should cower at my feet.” Having Sinestro use his cunning and formulate a long-game as opposed to just using brutality is a nice change of pace.


Walker fills in and does an adequate job here, especially with characters’ faces and differentiation. It is hard to follow Eaglesham on this book though, because he just has the feel of Sinestro’s world and allies pretty well down.

This entry has plenty of surprises, tones down the chest-pounding a bit and shows Sinestro actually vulnerable and not completely in control of what happens next. In other words, it’s the Sinestro book I’d like to see more of. This issue’s ending sets up the follow-up as a must-read, because it could be a game-changer.


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