Skyward #14 Review

Writer: Joe Henderson / Artist: Lee Garbett / Image Comics

Farmers riding giant flying bugs do battle with floating cops and mailmen in Zero G. Sorry, I just needed to get that ridiculous combination of words written down before properly starting this review. Welcome back to the world of Skyward.It feels appropriate that we get a busy issue when the showdown between Chicago and the Farmers finally arrived. While we’ve just about seen every character getting ready for the impending invasion, we’ve been kept in the dark about how Willa and Edison plan to fight off the Farmers. Turns out, the group’s master plan isn’t all that impressive. It’s actually quite simple.

I will say that I am a bit disappointed that there wasn’t really any intricate grand plan to pull one over on the Farmers. The characters kind of rely on just the cops believing that the threat is real and hoping for the best. However, these are simple characters with simple solutions, so there really isn’t too much to complain about. Thankfully, once the action gets started, it’s plenty of fun to watch.

From the beginning to end, this issue is explosive, engaging and just a damn good time. Garbett really outdoes himself with every page, filled with giant butterflies, people soaring through the sky, and fighting. You can tell that a lot of the art in the pages and panels was undertaken with great care, as many of them are devoted to giving character moments the spotlight they deserve. Garbett’s ability to put every minor detail on the page to make us believe in this zero gravity world is stellar as always.

We cap off another great arc. Skyward continues making great use of its concept and world. It’s also a book that you can tell both writer and artist are having fun with each issue. What’s next for Willa and the crew is a mystery, but I have no doubt that Henderson and Garbett will impress. Looking forward to however these two plan to open up this world.

8.5 “Batons Beating Butterflies” out of 10

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