Spider-Man #234 Review

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis / Artist: Oscar Balzaldua / Marvel Comics

After Miles quick jaunt to Japan and back, we resume the storyline of basically Miles being a teenager. This issue saved its intrigue and revelations for the margins of the narrative. The story doesn’t connect that much to the previous two issues, but it does bring back the burgeoning situation and love square(?) with Lana, Fabio, Miles, and sorta Barbara. And also Ganke to provide color commentary. I admit, as someone that doesn’t come to comic books for cute this was, ya know, cute. Miles and Fabio working through insecurities, jealousies, and complete lack of awareness was endearing and plausible. Though it does seem weird for a dude with spider-sense to be so oblivious to when someone likes him. Bendis does a good job capturing the moment, the self-indulgent silliness of willful misunderstanding and re-unification between teenagers.

Sinister Six Baaaaack

The cover advertises the return of the Sinister Six, but those parts of the story bookend the issue. The mysterious stranger (which is a cool turn and makes a ton of sense) who takes on the Iron Spider moniker is bringing together villains for one big job. Conveniently, Lana’s mom, or mama Bombshell, is released from prison just in time to be recruited. The offset of this new Sinister Six, what Miles reaction will be, and how it forces Lana against her mother is a very good setup for the arc. Lana is committed to a few things right now (including her undying love for Miles), so her loyalties are sure to be tested.

The art from Balzaldua is good, even if it very hard to follow behind Caselli who has been killing it on this book for a while. The action sequences look good and the splash pages especially are grandiose in the best possible ways. Some of the close ups and facial characterizations aren’t as strong. It effects the intimacy of the story at times, but nothing that derails the good that is done here.

Issues are partially resolved, but mostly a very good set up for Sinister Six. Hopefully, they stick around for a bit and give Miles a true rogues gallery to go up against. While there isn’t a ton of action, the story does move fluently through a lot of different terrains. This should lead us to a pretty entertaining arc.

8.9 Uncontrollable Gold Balls out of 10

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