Star Wars #22 Review

Writer: Jason Aaron / Artist: Jorge Molina / Marvel Comics

At this point, the only word I have left to describe Jason Aaron’s work on Star Wars is “undefeated.” At this point, with all the consistency and effort that goes into building a fresh feeling universe around the original trilogy, Marvel’s “All New All Different” Star Wars (that’s just what I call it but they might as well) is one of the absolute best comic books in the business right now. I repeat: Undefeated.

Issue #22 is another exercise in Aaron playing up to the strength of the characters and what we love most about them. Luke gets overconfident and does something rash while Leia and Han argue like an old married couple and somewhere in the middle of it all, they somehow manage to (probably) get shit done. This time, Luke and the gang make a dangerous run at an Empire star destroyer. This may seem like a paint-by-numbers Star Wars adventure at first glance, but as usual, Aaron takes what we’ve seen, turns it upside down and delivers something that feels fresh and unexpected. Visually, Jorge Molina brings a slightly more animated quality to the faces than the Murderer’s Row of artists that have come before him, but for the most part, maintains the overall aesthetic established over the past few storylines.

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 9.15.23 PM

There was a scene where the star destroyer is revealed and I swear to you… the only way it could more gorgeous is if Molina had just gone ahead and made it a splash page so readers could truly take in the attention to detail.

Bottom Line: Jason Aaron is still putting his trademark spin on seemingly straightforward premises, making for one of the best Star Wars comics a fan could ask for.

8 Ocean’s Elevens In Space out of 10

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