Star Wars #24 Review

Writer: Jason Aaron / Artist: Jorge Molina / Marvel Comics

At this point, you’d have to be a complete nerf herder to not be reading Star Wars. Rarely is there a moment when this book isn’t either pushing the envelope or setting said envelope on fire altogether. Jason Aaron is creating a whole “in between” universe with depth and nuance that takes place before the second movie even starts! There is simply no part of that you can’t call awesome.

Issue #24 continues the “Last Flight of the Harbinger” story as our heroes continue their epic heist of a Star Destroyer. Everything seems to be going smoothly (or terrible, really) when the Rebels are interrupted by a surprise visit. Aaron has offered a lot of hype to the much anticipated encounter between the rebels and the SCAR troopers. The pay off so far is well deserved. I love the quiet symbolism of order versus chaos. The troopers are a well-oiled engine whose parts seem to work together in perfect harmony. Team Skywalker is cacophonous discourse of outlaw attitudes who, quite often, barely like each other but fly by the seat of their pants and hope it all works out in the end. The clash so far is delicious as if it were the second act of its own blockbuster film. In fact, since Disney seems hell bent on dropping as much film content as humanly possible, can we please get a rebel heist caper film?


Artistically, Jorge Molina is mostly on point despite a few panels where he maybe gets a little too playful with a couple of facial expressions. The visual tension and use of shadow leading up to the major conflict was like reading a story from the other side of a stealth mission out of Metal Gear Solid.

Bottom Line: Granted, I wish this story arc were an issue shorter, but Jason Aaron is still giving us maybe the best Star Wars story in the comic franchise for the price point. Definitely one of the hottest, most consistent Marvel titles to be offered on the shelf for the past ten years.

9.5 Kessel Runs out of 10

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