Star Wars #35 Review

Writer: Jason Aaron / Artist: Salvador Larroca / Marvel Comics

Jason Aaron has been doing nothing but working wonders on Star Wars ever since the comic rights came home to Marvel where they belong. Aaron has had a magic touch with Team Skywalker that’s given this book a familiar feel while allowing these characters to explore uncharted aspects of their personalities. As he nears the end of his time on this book, we’ve been given a series of standalone chapters highlighting members of Team Skywalker on their own. Granted, it’s not the most exciting way to end a run but so far it’s been quite entertaining. Can Aaron keep the momentum long enough to go out on top?


This week, we get to follow Han Solo and Chewbacca along on a mission to transport the Rebellion’s latest prisoner, Grakkus the Hutt. This outing Aaron does a bang up job of getting in Solo’s head and highlighting the predicament of resolving his independent outlaw nature with his new life as a part of the Rebel Alliance. Also, it deserves mention that this book even found a way to squeeze an awesome Rogue One cameo into the issue and it might almost pass you by if you’re not paying close enough attention.

Not everyone likes Salvador Larroca’s artwork on this book and I’ll admit he’s done better on other titles but the panels were pretty fun this time around. The faces actually seem to have a little fun with Aaron’s script. Before, the photo realistic expressions looked weird against the characters that didn’t have movie references, but this week, it’s actually not so bizarre because….well, basically all of the characters in this issue have movie references except Grakkus and he’s supposed to look strange. Larroca’s action beats are fun and fast paced while being detailed enough that you’re never lost from moment to moment.

Bottom Line: The thing about this book is that it challenges these characters in familiar yet imaginative ways. That’s not always an easy task but anyone who reads The Mighty Thor will tell you that this is where Jason Aaron excels and the mythology as a whole is light years better for it. This is one of the best Star Wars books Marvel could ask for and the fandom is going to miss Aaron when he’s gone.

8 Kessel Runs out of 10

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