Star Wars #9 Review

Writer: Jason Aaron / Artist: Stuart Immonen / Marvel Comics

Star Wars has pretty consistently been the best book to come out of the “new extended universe” since the franchise came back home to Marvel where it belongs. Jason Aaron has been masterful at making one of geekdom’s most honored stories feel fresh and exciting as if we were back in 1979 meeting these characters for the first time. But can Aaron keep the magic going?

Issue #9 is mostly action with Luke Skywalker neck deep in trouble on his search for the Jedi Temple and answers to unlock his true destiny. Given that we know his real development as a Jedi begins in the movie that follows these events, Luke’s storylines so far are proving to be far more fun than they have any right to be. This is what makes Aarong such a strong writer for a project like this. He does an amazing job at building on the basics of a character, taking them through their logical evolution but still leaving them the same at their core. A nebbish moisture farmer perpetually discovering his destiny by the seat of his pants, making it all up as he goes with minimal direction? That basically sold itself way back when and it sells itself now.

Now, some would argue that the Leia/Han/Sana love triangle is wearing out its welcome since there hasn’t been as much character development as there’s been action, but let’s be honest, guys. Han and Leia bickering endlessly has never gotten old before and isn’t going to get old anytime soon. And then, you add the delicious revelation that Han Solo likes that #BlackGirlMagic? Come on, fam! That’s worth it’s weight in vibranium. As far as the visuals, this book flourished on Da Gawd, John Cassaday’s watch and is still winning with Stuart Immonen at the helm. His rendering of Nar Shadda, the treacherous Smuggler’s Moon is immensely detailed and oozing personality around every seedy corner. He really goes out of his way to capture the essence of these timeless characters but not like hermetically sealed action figures with no life. He leaves his own signature style with this book in a way not many artists in the industry could. Dare I say, he might be surpassing Aaron as the star of the show.

Bottom Line: Aaron could stand to answer some questions about Han’s relationship with Sana, but the action beats mixed with Luke’s fun, fast paced story throwing from the frying pan into the fire….this book is still the best roller coaster ride you can ask for from Marvel’s line.

9 Kessel Runs out of 10

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