Writer: Greg Pak; Artists: A. Barrionuevo, T. Palmer, R. Redmond

The threads that our Goddess of Weather, Ororo has gotten herself entangled in are tightening issue by issue. After spending some quality time with Yukio in Las Vegas (by which I mean, after saving Yukio’s bacon and having her “friend” stab her in the back) it is time for Storm to get on a plane and go back to New York. Storm is torn about it, the promise to finish what Wolverine started weighs heavy, but she also wants to strike Yukio with a lightning bolt, so time to go!

On the plane, things start to happen quickly. Ororo is immediately recognized as a hero to the people because of her work in Santo Marco in Issue #1. That warm fuzzy feeling is immediately squashed by anti-mutant and racist sentiment from another passenger, a Senator riding the same plane. Just proves that even being able to control the weather isn’t respectable enough for some people.

What follows is a mid-air confrontation with an unknown enemy that is as dangerous for Storm as it is for the poor mundanes on the plane. Half the passengers make it worse, half of them make it better. But it is up to Storm to make it right.

Storm fighting in midair

Let me give some praise to the new art in this issue. The cover, done by Stephanie Han, is great fun, showing the now iconic social media moment of someone taking a photo of Storm while she saves fights an unknown enemy among the clouds. The interior art is done by Al Barrionuevo (penciler), Tom Palmer (inker) and Ruth Redmond (colorist). They do a great job together. I really like the clear, slightly off-center style that shows how imbalanced the action is as the plane tilts and spins through the air.

I won’t hit you with spoilers for the ending, but Storm is in a worse spot at the end of the comic than she was at the beginning. She’s moving from one fight to another with no safe place and no one at her back. Kind of makes me wish Beast would leave the School once in a while and come help out. Judging by the cover to the next issue, she could use it.

Update: The #SaveStorm hashtag is still going strong with a great giveaway last month and a selfie campaign on Tumblr. If you’re a fan, vote with your money and buy an issue or two digitally or in print. The trade paperback comes out in February if that’s more your style. Pick it up!


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