Superman #36 Review

writer: Geoff Johns / artist: John Romita, Jr

The latest issue continues to build on the drama that ensued last time where Ulysses offered no less than six million earthinglings the opportunity to jump to the “perfect” 4th dimension. The issue begins with a continuation of that message and of course, Ulysses summoning the ship that came out of the ground from Prometheus. Needless to say, Clark has some feelings about that. I do love how complex this situation actually is. Ulysses is offering a choice to people, not kidnapping or forcing people into work camps (well, we don’t think so…) and Lois offers a good point when Jimmy questions this possibility: If Superman were offering this, would you take it?

Well, outside of military personnel obviously having an issue with this “Exodus from Earth” idea, it turns out that the 4th dimension may not be what Ulysses at first promised. As in, it might be really, really bad and Ulysses also doesn’t seem to be the one in complete control.

Romita, Jr also does some supreme work here too. The arrival of these beings from the 4th dimension is appropriately angular and intimidating without being overly complex in design. He also does the fight scene with Ulysses and Superman well too, demonstrating well how different Ulysses’ powers are.

The last two issues have been the best two of this Johns run for me thus far and the slow methodic build is paying off with these two finally clashing. With the tease that we may see this 4th dimension that Neil comes from in the next issue, things could really be taking flight for this book. Absolutely no pun intended.


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