Tariji P. Henson is Proud Mary and She a Hitta!

The trailer for Taraji’s new assassin movie Proud Mary just dropped and listen to me when I tell you that the hood done raised a hitta, baby. Out the gate, we see Mary doing kettle bell push-ups off the side of a pull-out bed with a sloppy high bun to let you know it’s real. The first full minute of the trailer is Mary getting prepped and ready, covering herself in tailored black leather — the only thing a true hitta wears to take a mf out. Then we get to the accessories. Nothing goes with leather like a nice steel piece. Fuck a Prada, pass the Beretta and the keys to my Impala. Plus, Mary gotta O.G. closet full of wigs, circa Lil’ Kim’s Crush On You.

We may not get a lot of information about Mary’s background, who she’s after, who is after her, or what assassins eat for breakfast, but we get some good action shots. Taraji packing heat, sliding across factory floors, blowing shit up and taking Henny to the head. She went and stole Billy Brown from How To Get Away With Murder and even though he’s asking questions, he seems to be throwing bows. They even got Danny Glover hiding behind cars.

Proud Mary looks like the kind of action-packed, fast-paced thriller that I can get behind. With a bad ass like Taraji as the protagonist, I’m hoping to see this shine in the theaters. I’m sure the rest of our questions will be answered with time, including who in the hell does that little boy belong to? You got some kinda nerve asking grown folks who the hell they are. Mary may not be merkin’ kids, but forreal… we don’t know that, do we?

Proud Mary is set to hit theatres January 2018. Grab your black leather fuck me boots and get ready.

Mary with a wig

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