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It is the end of an era as we lost one of the best mangas in the game to do it last week. Uzumaki Naruto, the Martin Luther King meets Donnie Yen of ninjas, hit series concluded on November 6th 2014 (state side). This was a story 15 years long. It has now solidified it’s place in history (arguably) in the Mount Olympus of mangas. We laughed, we cried, we dattebbyo’d together but that has now all come to an end. Despite how you felt about the immediate end I’m sure there gravity of the situation might not have set in for you yet. We’re here to coach you through this trying time and let you know what your are feeling right now is perfectly normal.

Step 1. Denial and Isolation
You been into this manga for the longest and now it’s over? There has got to be more to the story tho right? Something you missed? So many questions you still have unanswered that need to be answered because that answers given can’t be the final answers right? RIGHT? Nah man. That shit is over dude. All that needed to be said was said and every end has been tied up. Naruto reached the end of his journey, he got his boy Sasuke a Hokage level pardon, and he realized Hinata Hyuga was bae all along. These revelations got you feelin some type of way now and you figure you’re all alone in this. You aren’t man, there are other fans out there too dude. Talk amongst them get the theories you thought were going to happen out there. Talk about the ending with someone, whether you liked it or hated it its good to talk about it man. Hey, You aren’t alone buddy. You aren’t alone in this.
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Step 2. Anger
Anger is a rational response when dealing with loss (read as Naruto withdrawal). Especially when you had your feels entangled in this complex web of cloak and kunai affairs for so long. This was what you were looking forward to every wed and now that is no longer going to be there for you? When you at work and Jill starts bothering you that her wifi signal is going in and out or being short on pens, whose going to be there as your “busy work” that you feign now? Let’s not even get started on how your OTP didn’t pan out the way you wanted it too. After all those fan fics and art you put into it and this is how Masashi Kishimoto pays you back? ARGHHHHH! Hey let it out. Get it all out it’s okay your among fellow fans.
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Step 3. Bargaining
If only I had more time to read the series all over again. You start trying to reason all the things that could happen in order to keep it going. There is no keeping on man. We have hit the end of the marathon. There’s no amount of bargaining you can secretly do with the Sage of Six Paths in order to get back that joy you had when you the end was nowhere in sight.
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I know those feels man

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Step 4. Depression
Yeah. We’ve hit rock bottom at this point. No new fights to look forward to (which could be a good thing considering how many inception layers there were to the 4th Great Ninja War) week after week. What manga or anime could possible take the place of all you invested into Naruto (Ian Khadan will actually have an answer to that question. Personally I say Hajime No Ippo)? You’re never going to hear him say, “I don’t take back my words” or “RASENGAN” ever again. What the fuck are you supposed to do now huh? WHAT ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO DO NOW?!?!?!? ITS ALL FUCKED UP NOW!.
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Hellooooo…. is it me you’re dattebbyo’ing for?

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Step 5. Acceptance
This is the stage where you realize Jiraya didn’t die so you could sit here feeling sorry for yaself.

“I ain’t pass the dutchie to left hand side for that!”

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Kurama aka Nine Tails of Ammunition didn’t become squad so you could forget about how dope the journey been


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Nah man, struggle is the name of the game my ninja, we been done that. Now is a time for celebration cause Neji ain’t sacrifice himself for us to be down and out. You gotta honor the ninjas that lost their lives for us to get to the end of the road right chea, and the ninjas that made it out alive man. This is it. Ya boy Naruto done went from passing out “Vote Uzumaki Naruto 4 Hokage” mixtapes out his backpack to kicking his feet up at the grown folk table talking bout “Read my non-dubbed lips! Ramen for ayebody! and you get some ramen! and you get some ramen!”. The coming of age story has come full circle, so the question of what is there left to do? Plenty!

I guarantee you there is someone out there that doesn’t know about Naruto or has been sleeping on it. As you should do with any good book. Tell them bout it, get them interested. Spread these stories out into the world via social media or word of mouth man. Discuss ya favorite moments with your friends, reblog, reblog, reblog and reblog your favorite quotes and scenes on Tumblr. If we have learned anything from Naruto it’s that it is possible to understand one another. What better way to do that then sharing the story of the boy that had to win against all odds finally wining man? We made it man. We made it. Now tell a friend to tell a friend about the dopest shinobi to ever do it Naruto Uzumaki! Then tell’em bout the Hidden Village that produce the best squads in the game.
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PS: You can also take solace in the fact that although the series is over, we still got a lot more epilogue to explore. It has been announced that the movie (The Last Naruto The Movie) will fill in what happened in the 2 year gap after the war (a love story of sorts focusing on Naruto and Hinata for the main plot. [FUCK YES]). As well as a mini series that will focus on the children on Naruto, Hinata, Sauske, Sakura, Shikamaru, Choji, etc etc. The story may be done but we still got a few more steps to take to find out what the future holds in store for Konoha.

Konoha means family. Family means no one gets left behind (except Neji)


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