The Flash Recap: Therefore I Am

Season 4 / Episode 7 / CW

And you say C-City!

“Therefore I Am” is an episode of The Flash that does an amazing job of splicing DeVoe’s backstory into what we already know about the explosion of the particle accelerator, while giving us some powerful “This is chess; this ain’t checkers” moments in the present. Barry and Joe take a seat with Mr. DeVoe, after getting blindsided by his physical state. They ask him a few standard questions and he breezes through them, angering Barry in the process. He’s hellbent on uncovering the truth while Team Flash thinks our boy is way out of line.

Flash back to 4 years ago when he became the fastest mind in the world. Professor Devoe and his evil assistant are legit baes who have been plottin’ behind the scenes of this whole series. But don’t sleep! Evil assistant is no pushover. ‘Ol girl got the engineering and robotics mind of a genius. Together they create a “thinking cap” to execute their plan to increase his intelligence. But they need a power source, and what better source than the particle accelerator a fellow bright mind just created.

They knew it was ’bout to tech Chernobyl and crash the rally. They call out Wells on the possibility his Accelerator could blow and open up a black hole, then get into position. This mutha DeVoe places the tech cap on his head the moment the accelerator goes up in a meta power granting blaze! DeVoe is struck by the Raiden thunderbolt of enlightenment and begins his reign from there.

For the rest of the episode, Barry goes on a day long harassing spree as he presses DeVoe in his classroom and pulls a BNE at his crib. The furious looks of frustration that Barry was giving the unassuming man this whole episode had me in tears, b.

In the flashbacks, DeVoe finds out grave news about his new powers. His upgraded mind requires more than his body can handle, resulting in paralysis. He would have died if his wife of ye olde engineering and robotics genius hadn’t created the chair he uses that extends his life.

It was a little extra to have Barry sneak into his house and become so obsessed with uncovering the truth that he got himself suspended and slapped with a restraining order. I will say that the scene where Barry straight up asks who he really is was fire. Methodical match type shit. The first move in DeVoe’s long game that he claims Barry has already lost. This was one of the best episodes in a long time.

Flash Facts

  • A Thinking Cap tho? A little too Blue’s Clues for me.
  • Iris had another cute “We’re the Flash” moment. She’s too on point this season. Boss Lady Iris > ____
  • Wally’s back! I wonder if it’ll be just for the wedding or if he’s back for the rest of season 3.

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