Season: 1 / Episode: 17 / CW

And you say Central City!! (15 years ago) We open up with Honey Mustard Flash going after Barry’s Mom like he a pimp in Studio. We then cut to the behind-the-scenes of HMF running down the street and completely out of speed juice. That’s when Gideon tells him that he entered a No Flex Zone with all his running and is now stuck in the past. Gideon didn’t even try to do the “GPS Rerouting” either, man. He was like “tough shit homie, you stuck.” We also See a very different looking Eobard once he lifts the mask.

Back in the present, Barry is going over with Joe how Wells is Honey Mustard Flash. Barry wants to take him down now but Joe saying they gotta play the waiting game as well. We then see random gifts on parachutes coming down on the public. You already know that shit ain’t right cause ain’t shit free. The gifts start exploding as soon as they come into contact with anything. We see a young kid apparently ignoring that, thinking the gift falling toward him is going to be a dude and contain the Willy Wonka Golden ticket. Barry comes in and saves the kid. We then cut to S.T.A.R. Labs as they are watching this villain calling himself The Trickster drop a mixtape promo about how he is running the villain game.

Joe West recognizes that this copycat is taking the approach of an old terrorist James Jesse, The original Trickster. Barry was throwing some shade Wells’ way that Joe had to cover. At Iron Heights we see the two talking with the Trickster and trying to get some information on what he knows about this new arrival. They had to bribe this dude with Twizzlers to get him to talk… I would make fun of him but if you put some Jelly Bellys in front of me I start snitching my ass off. The new kid was using James’ materials, meaning that he might have found his stash. Trickster gives them the location of his hide out from back in the day.

My man hideout looking like when MTV first launched, yo. All that was left was some funky spandex, as well as a booby trap explosive that Barry barely saved himself and Joe from. Once inside, they see that the youngin’ done took all the important shit. They go back to visit Trickster again. Barry stops by his father’s cell to tell him he mad close to the man that killed moms (Henry Allen gotta be tired of this “I’m almost there” talk, man). Joe and Barry tell James he done been swindled, and they show him a live feed of the new Trickster dropping yet another mixtape about the latest stunt he’s going to pull on the city. A stunt that involves a big ass bomb. Cisco has no luck trying to locate the copycat or the bomb because this new age trickster got broadcasting skills.

Barry starts going through the city trying to find this bomb that Trickster gave a broad location to. Wells tells him he is wasting his time, as it’s probably a trick. Instead of listening, Barry keeps on ’bout his business and discovers the bomb crate, but it’s empty. Just as he does, we see that the new Trickster has busted James Jesse out of prison. They also took Barry’s father as a prisoner (knowing that he was the father of the police’s forensic scientist). Barry is uber upset at himself — his daddy done got taken hostage, and Wells may or may not be the man that killed his moms. Shit is haaaaaaaaaaaaaard out here for a speedster. Joe has to give him the Any Given Sunday speech to get him back in the game.

Meanwhile the Tricksters are at the hideout plotting their next caper duo album together. We see that they’ve been in communication with each other via snail mail for years. James then says he’s got a plan that’s going to put him on the top, and it’s going to be his grand caper.

Back at the old place Iris called up The Flash to investigate her boss Mason Bridges’ disappearance. She asked Eddie and her pops as well (to no avail) but she is serious, which is why she is bringing it up with Flash. He says he will look into it. Meanwhile at the Mayor’s banquet, the Tricksters are there passing out the champagne. Iris shows up just in time to get a drink and then see James Jesse get on stage to unveil his return. Everybody that took a drink is poisoned by mercury that will affect their body slowly. He’s getting them to run the money from their bank accounts into his own via transfers. Iris already knew the fuck shit was happening (and she ain’t giving up her rent money that easy) so she called Joe and puts the whole event on speaker. He hears James talking that shit, and Barry runs over immediately.

“Pshhhh, hand over the rent money? Dad you hearin’ this shit?

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Yo, how Barry arrive on the scene, then yoke up James, just to have the young Trickster latch on a wrist bomb AND FUCKING ACTIVATE IT?!?!?! It will go off if Barry’s speed drops below 600 mph. Did dude have his creep shoes on? It’s really boggling my mind how he was able to step in and catch Barry off guard, considering he was fast enough to grab Joe in order to avoid an explosion a foot away from them earlier, but whatever. Wells explains the best way out of the situation is for Barry to phase through an object at top speed so that he can escape the bomb. Wells then proceeds to sensually describe the speed force to Barry as well as some streams, and animals in the meadow, as he sets the mood for Barry to phase. Wells went into mad detail, man… like “pass me a tissue I gotta clean myself off” level detail.

Barry runs back to the banquet to apprehend The Trickster and find out where he is keeping his father. He then rescues his dad from a pretty lackluster booby trap, to be honest. We then see Barry show his Dad that he was The Flash all along. Henry Allen then gets to take a trip and look around S.T.A.R. Labs. He thanks the team for helping Barry as well as Wells before Joe takes him back to prison.

Joe has a sit-down with Eddie about Iris asking them to check on Mason Bridges. Apparently it’s time to let Eddie into the fucking clubhouse as well.

Eddie looking at Barry with the “you gotta be fucking kidding me” face on. Eddie then has to sell the lie to Iris that Mason dropped everything and went to Brazil with a young love interest to write some memoirs (WORST LIE EVER). Barry and Joe ask him if she bought it and Eddie is like “ehhhhhhh, for now”. You know damn well that shit ain’t work, man.

Back with Eobard 15 years ago we see that he caused the actual Dr. Wells’ car crash which killed him and his wife, Tess Morgan. In the year 2020 they built the particle accelerator which was an amazing success… however, he needs things to be sped along sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo he pulls out a device that allows him to take on Wells appearance but leaves the original Dr. Wells more dead than a muh fucka. Dude, Eobard killing moms, killing villains, killing reporters, and killing scientists that were minding their own damn business. This dude is out here trying to get the title for “Dick of the Millennium.” He’s bringing back the era of the asshole 80’s villains, man.


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