‘The God of Highschool’ Wants the Hands and Nothing but the Hands

This is MMA the Hard Way

There are only two things I care about in my content. A great story and great fight scenes. Listen, when I tell you I am bout that fucking action. I mean that shit from the bottom of my palms. Now, I saw Crunchyroll rolling out their new shows. I said, “That’s cool. looks like some wholesome stuff, ” but when I saw the trailer for The God of Highschool, I hit a double-take while saying, “Hold up, what the fuck is this?” I made sure to keep it on my radar. Today, Crunchyroll released the character trailer for the series and maaaaaaan. I saw the hand to hand action in that trailer and sat there nodding to the beat cause I. Been. Waiting. My. Whole. Life. For. This. Type. Of. Fucking. Content.

*DMX voice* This is the content I be fucking talking about. You know when you can just tell the action going to be jumpin’ jumpin’? The God of Highschool gives me that feeling. You’ll be hardpressed to find someone more excited to see fictional people/beings punch each other in the face. I’ma Rock Lee, type. I’m built off that shit. True story, a friend once told me to check out Neverland once and when I mentioned it to the anime division of BNP, they said “Um, no one gets punched in the mouth often in that show. It might not be for you, Omar.” They know meeeee! All of which is to say, God of Highschool looks like my type of jam. It’s one thing to be bout the action but the animation that goes into showcasing it? That’s where the true excitement comes from.

The God of Highschool

The God of Highschool Teaching the Art of Fucking People Up

Were those fists of fury I see? Was that an armbar I just witnessed? Yes. YES. YES! That’s what the fuck I am talking about. The God of Highschool is a Koren Manwha (Korean term for print comics. A cousin of the term manga if you will) about these competitors in a tournament. You can enter using whatever type of fighting style or weapon you want. The winner gets a wish granted. There’s mos def more to that but stopped reading up on it cause I didn’t wanna spoil anything for those reading or myself. Plus, I do not give a fuck. I’m sold. That’s all the info I needed plot-wise. All that’s left to know really is who will be rocking these folks in the face. The answer to that is the 17-year-old squad of Jin Mo-Ri sporting a fictional type of Tae-Kwon-Do fighting style, Han Dae-Wi rocking Karate with the hand-to-hand, and Yu Mi-Ra, a swordswoman proficient in the Moonlight sword style.

The God of Highschool

The Rules Tools of Engagement

In the trailer, we saw folks fighting with bats, bo staffs, and shit. So, I’m guessing firearms aren’t going to be allowed, right? You can’t roll up into this packin’ a Mack 11 on the hip, right? Nah friend you gotta show what the fuck them hands do. Melee weapons only my guy. That’s the type of shit I wanna see from in my anime. I’m not here for the characters that transform into giant kaijus/monsters or summon some all-powerful beings, or camp out and shoot mad projectiles. Fuck all of that unless you wrapping that shit around your fists or feet and mopping folks up with it. That’s the fighting I love to see.

I enjoy watching the intricacies shown within fight animations. What I already like from jump that we’ve seen of The God Of Highschool so far is that everyone has a different fighting style. That’s what’s really pulling me in. We’re going to get to see the spectrum of martial arts animated through these vasts fighting styles and how they’ll pair up against each other. Fight scenes aren’t just for show, it’s physicality that’s telling a story. A fighter blocks one move, but they’re now open because of it, they defend then go to attack, it doesn’t work, what now? Having to think and react as fast as an opponent and to an opponent. Strategizing while trying to defend yourself or setting up an offensive attack. It’s a physical game of chess. That’s what gets me hype. I love that shit. Just seeing the short clip of Han Dae-Wi fighting a dude with a bat got me flashing back to the hallway scene from The Raid 2.

The God of Highschool

I’m ready to put a lot of stake in The God of Highschool. Y’all drew me in with some kick-ass animation and fighting sequences, so you better deliver because when the show drops I’ll be in the front row of my living room watching while shouting, “YOU KNOW WHY I’M HERE!”

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