The Good Place Season 3 Episode 4 Recap: Jeremy Bearimy


The jig is up again! Last we saw our friend group had walked in on Janet and Michael getting ready to jump through the portal in hopes of finding some way to reset the timeline on earth, to start over…again, it’s like the only answer Michael knows. Thank God… or no God, cuz there isn’t one here – that they got interrupted it was a monumentously bad idea.

Eleanor is all like “What the hell is that?!” I mean they all are. Why is it that the group always seems to find out the truth so quickly. Michael tries his damndest to make up a convincing lie, or many lies, saying he is from the FBI and they are being investigated. Michael should know by now from the hundreds of reboots in the neighborhood that he can’t get these lies past this group, and Eleanor specifically. She sniffs out the BS, and Janet has to just give in. They tell them everything, that they died and went to the Bad Place – everything. They were devastated for like the umpteenth time.

Chidi brings up a good point, if they reset so many times in the Good Place then they must have lived for like 100 years, and apparently it was over 300 years. So Chidi the ethics guy is really trying to wrap his head around how they were then returned to earth at the same timeline. So The afterlife time runs like… “Jeremy Bearimy.” A time stream that twists and turns and in American english it spells out Jeremy Bearimy. I think if we could see inside of Chidi’s brain there were a million aneurysms happening and un happening in his head in Jeremy Bearimy timeline fashion. He said “the dot over the i broke me.” To be honest, some how the explanation made sense to me…

Once they know everything this means they are doomed, they can no longer gain or lose points and they will inevitably go to the Bad Place. This ends up having a weird effect on the group. Tahani brings Jason along for an errand, says she needs some help with something. She opens a safe with a buttload of cash and heads over to the Sydney Opera to give a 2 million dollar donation. She realized what got her into the Bad Place was her vanity in doing good and decided since it doesn’t really matter, why not do good without the recognition. She decides to make an anonymous donation. Jason says he knows a better way to do good, they literally go Drake God’s Plan on us and gives out money to random people on the street.

At one point Jason is marveling at the fact that a big wad of money could have meant everything to him, like he could have paid his rent…. (hand to forehead smack). Tahani has a light bulb go off and next thing you know that are at her financial advisors trying to give 12 million pounds – yea POUNDS… to Jason Mendoza. WHAT! I get it, nothing really matters because they are going to the Bad Place, but really? Maybe it’s my personal inability to let go as they have, but if Jason is going to the Bad Place too, why are we giving the money to him? Why not continue to hand it out on the street. I mean this guy asks if it can be put on a GameStop gift card… sigh. Thankfully the financial advisor refuses to do it. Not that I don’t love Jason, he’s the perfect clueless that helps change people’s lives. I just – maybe if they’re all going to the Bad Place we can leave the money with the people on earth who still have a chance to go either way.

Eleanor uses this moment to go back to her old ways, since it doesn’t matter what she does, she’s just gonna do whatever she wants. She heads to a bar and lies saying its her birthday to get a free drink, I mean it doesn’t work so she strong arms the bartender. She finds a wallet left at the bar with quite a bit of money, she has a physical reaction and cannot take the money. See everyone is going about living life like none of it matters, and they are actually doing good. I mean, I get it – deep down they are good people, at least 300 reboots later they are. Eleanor ends up literally playing an RPG to get this wallet back to the right person. She makes someone’s day and can’t take the good feelings it gives her, you can see the wheels turning.

This whole situation destroys Chidi. Everyone else is doing good things, even if by accident and Chidi self destructs, he’s like a robot whose wires get crossed like in cartoons and they start wigging out. He goes to the grocery store without a shirt on and goes shopping to make candy chili in class in front of his students. If you really think about it, he is technically fixed! He could never make a decision and the ethics of all his decisions was crippling for him. This is like, Chidi untethered, he’s making irrational decisions, not thinking about his actions, and doing the opposite of over analyzing. I am not sure that would get him into the Good Place but hey, it’s a start to getting over his paralyzing indecision.

Eleanor brings everyone back together because she has the best idea, that they should all try to be good people anyways. Even though they are doomed the rest of the world that interacts with them aren’t and it might be good to try and help others while they are on earth. I know this is going to make some waves in the afterlife somehow, even though they are technically going to The Bad Place no matter what. If they can reset the neighborhood like a million times without demons realizing I think there is a loop hole where the good deeds they are about to perform count for something. Oh and Jason and Tahani got married so she can leave half her fortune to Jason, and then her fiancé walked in…yea can’t wait to see that unfold Ha!

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