The Real GOATS in Games are the game characters that are underrated. The ones that don’t get enough props. The ones that go above and beyond and hold it down no matter what. I’d like to honor the homie Yoshi as the first of many Real GOATS in Games.

We all know that Yoshi has skills in basketball, tennis, soccer, golf, go karts, and he definitely can throw them hands. But I want to focus on his role in the Mushroom Kingdom when it comes to helping out his “friend” Mario. I’ll tell y’all now, Yoshi deserves more than the cards he’s dealt!

Let’s start off with how the two met. In Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island, it is shown that the Yoshi is responsible for saving Mario’s life. A stork drops baby Mario on Yoshi’s back. I’m guessing that’s where it all started! Yoshi assembles his crew as if they were the Power Rangers and goes on a quest to reunite Mario with Luigi and their parents. Yoshi goes through a lot of hell to complete this mission. He is destined to keep Mario and puts his own life on the line for Mario’s.

As Mario grows up, he still requires the aid of his trusted sidekick, Yoshi, to help him get through certain levels. In order for Mario to get around, he jumps on Yoshi’s back, which is problem number one. We all know Mario is not that light, so I’m pretty sure Yoshi has suffered severe back problems over the years.

To make matters worse, in order for Mario to get Yoshi to extend his tongue, he punches him in the back of the neck. And no, I’m not talking about no little tap. NO, I’m talking about a big ol’ Falcon Punch. A Pimp Named Slickback hit in the back of the head. And what makes it sad is right before Mario is about to unleash the beast on the back of his head, you can see Yoshi flinch just a little. Mario beats this animal to get him to do what he wants him to do. Someone needs to call PETA on his ass.

Let’s not forget the many times Mario drops Yoshi into a pit, especially when he needs to get that Hunter triple jump. He will drop Yoshi to his death without hesitation. He’s dropped harder than a Beyonce album and in the same pit that would result in a lost life if Mario jumped in.


When I tell you Yoshi puts up with so much shit. It’s unbelievable! He had to put up with Mario’s crying as a baby. Keeping him safe throughout his journeys. Yoshi is Mario’s family, his guardian, his savior. He’s loyal. He’s who Kendrick Lamar was talking about man. You can’t tell me that song wasn’t written about Yoshi. Yoshi has taken the hits, the abuse, the drops, and still remains by Mario’s side. If I was Yoshi, I would’ve dropped Mario in a Piranha Plant’s mouth and been like Deuces.

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