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Season: 5/ Episode: 14 / AMC

This week’s episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead focused heavily on the concept of fear and what it does to people. For some, fear brings out things that no one knew even existed. Sometimes it comes in the form of an act of unselfish bravery, or it comes out in rather pathetic displays of self-preservation. “Spend” saw a line crossed in the sand between the brave and the b*tch-made.

We start this episode off with an image of Father Gabriel walking into his new religious home. Alexandria doesn’t seem to have a minister on hand, and they appear to want him to fill the role. The only problem is that Gabriel’s been short on sanity and faith ever since he locked his pleading parishioners outside. He proceeds to rip out all of the pages out of a bible that was left for him. Noah meets with Reg, the husband of Deanna and architect responsible for the walls that protect the town, that morning and asks to be taught how to build and expresses that he plans to stick around long-term. Daryl also heads out on his new motorcycle with Aaron to look for new recruits for Alexandria.

Back in residential Alexandria, the designated group of runners are heading out to get some new equipment to repair the homes that have lost power. Being the only one qualified to identify and install the equipment, Eugene reluctantly comes along. The rest of the group, consisting of Aiden, Tara, Glenn, Nicholas and Noah, ride off to the sounds of techno music.

Back at the mall that was being built pre-Apocalypse, a group is gathering supplies to extend the wall, including Abraham. When one of them goes off to “send a fax to Cleveland” he comes running back with a herd of walkers on his tail. The group tries their best to fend them off from a distance, but one of the lookouts, named Francine, falls from the safety of a crane and injures her leg. Eugene instinctively goes to save her while the others intend to leave them. Being the expert survivalist that he is, Eugene fends of the walkers with strategic use of an impromptu mace and catchphrases like “Mother Dick!,” but lasts long enough for the rest of the group to come and help. Abraham then confronts the former leader of the group for his cowardice and takes on the leadership role. Back in Alexandria, the former leader of the construction crew nominates Abraham as the new leader, which concerns Deanna because it appears that her people are losing their stronghold on the power structure.

When the group of runners get to a department store, Aiden, who’s revealed to be Deanna and Reg’s son, finds some humility and lets Glenn take the leadership role. Once inside, a walker in body armor approaches and Aiden sets off an explosion with his gunfire, resulting in him being impaled by two pieces of shrapnel and giving Tara a blunt shot to the head and being rendered unconscious. The survivors of the explosion carry Tara back to an office an notice that Aiden is still alive. Eugene stays behind to watch Tara while Glenn, Noah and Nicholas go to try and save Aiden. After attempting to pull him off of the metal that he’s now impaled on, Nicholas flees to save his own life and Noah eventually pulls Glenn away before Aiden is devoured by a group of walkers.

On their way out of the building, Glenn, Noah and Nicholas get trapped in a revolving door, with walkers on both sides. Eugene, having shot his way out of the building with Tara over his shoulder, rolls by with the same techno music blaring to draw the walkers away. Seeing this as an opportunity to escape, Glenn attempts to break the glass of the revolving door but Nicholas is so terrified that he runs out and moves the door enough for Noah to get grabbed by the legs. Before being dragged away, Noah looks at Glenn and says, “Don’t let go.” Noah is then throw on the glass of the door, inches away from Glenn and is torn to pieces in what’s one of the most gruesome deaths in the series to date. Nicholas runs towards the van and instructs Eugene to leave, but, sensing that something is wrong, Eugene asks where the others are and tries to stop Nicholas from stealing the van. Just as he’s about to leave everyone behind, Glenn pulls Nicholas out of the car and punches him on the ground. Realizing that Noah is now dead, Eugene rides back to Alexandria with the gun pointed at Nicholas the entire time.

Back in Alexandria, Father Gabriel comes to Deanna with a warning to not trust Rick and the rest of the newcomers. He warns her that they’ve done horrible things before and it wasn’t just to ensure their own survival. Maggie overhears the entire conversation before Deanna walks Gabriel out and thanks him.

While Rick is adjusting to his role as constable he gets closer to Jessie by investigating who’s broken the sculpture of an owl she had been working on. Sam, Jessie’s son, comes back to Carol in hopes of getting more cookies form the party but reveals that he’s looking for a gun. Carol investigates further and suspects that Jessie’s husband is abusing her, and possibly Sam. Given her history of being in an abusive relationship, her insight should be taken seriously. So she tells Rick what she’s discovered and recommends that he kills Pete.

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